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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

I woke up this morning and did my First 5 devotion.  Then I got ready.  I told My Prince that I needed to be at school early today, because I knew that the Seniors had done their "prank night" last night, and figured that the kids would be a little wild when they saw it.

So, it worked out, and we were able to leave for school early.  I got there in time to take some pictures before the rooms were cleaned up.  Then I went back to my room.  The Seniors had put up  saran wrap in the hallway between the high school and the elementary, and filled it full of balloons.  They wanted it to look like from our side that their end of the hallway was filled with balloons, and from their side, that our side of the hallway was filled with balloons.  It was a wonderful idea, but overnight, the saran wrap stretched out a little, and the balloons settled.  So we could see through the top.

The balloon wall was perfect actually, because it kept all of the craziness due to the Senior pranks down on the high school end of the hallway, and our kids did not even ask to go and see, because the balloon wall was there.  Another thing I liked about it, was that kids from both ends of the hall would stand in the hall and look at the balloon barrier (it was all colorful and pretty), and then they would smile and wave at the kids on the other side.  I had more kids smile and wave at me in the hall today than I've had smile and wave at me in the past month.  Usually they do their own thing down there, and we do our own thing on our end, and we don't pay each other much mind.  But today, the balloon barrier broke that down for a while, and it was nice.

 The Seniors had been busy the night before.  They filled one room with cups of water, they turned the tables upside down and made a maze in another room.  They covered a white board with sticky notes.  They crisscrossed streamers in another room.  They wrapped one teacher's chair and podium in wrapping paper. Fun stuff, but nothing destructive.

While the underclassmen cleaned up the mess, the Seniors and Kindergarten graduates donned their caps and gowns and had their pictures made.  I went down to see the Oldest Princess and her friends in their caps and gowns. I still can not believe that we are finally here at this point.  It all just seems like a dream.  And I didn't get teary eyed today.  I am just so excited for them!  I am excited to see them all pursue their hopes and dreams, and I am excited to see where God leads each one of them and what they will do for Him. After the pictures were taken, they paraded through the halls, while the other students and teachers gave them high fives and congratulations.  It was fun.

After that, it was business as usual.  We all got busy and got things done.

After school, we came home for just a few minutes before it was time to go back and pick up the Youngest Princess from volleyball practice.  Then we picked up something for the kids to eat for dinner, because My Prince and I would not be home for dinner.  We had an appreciation dinner to attend.

We got home and started some laundry, and rested for a few minutes before we had to get ready to go to dinner.  We went to dinner and enjoyed some sweet fellowship with people that we see often, but rarely get to actually stop and enjoy time with.  It was fun, and the food was wonderful.  There was a lady that did a short comedy act, and it was nice to relax and laugh a little.  There were door prizes, and then it was time to come home.

We stopped to get gas on our way home, and our youth pastor called.  They had been to the doctor to find out if they were having a boy or a girl earlier today.  So we knew they were calling to let us know.  My Prince guessed girl, and I guessed boy.  I was right!  They are having a boy!  We are so very excited for them!

When we got home, we gathered all the kids together and called them back so the kids could find out from them.  They must have been talking to someone else, because they didn't answer.  The kids were dying!  They could not stand it that we knew and they didn't!  He called us right back, and we put him on speaker phone, so he could tell them.  They were excited to hear it was a boy.

After that, the Youngest Princess and I came upstairs and read our chapter of Mandie.  

Now we are finished and we are all ready to get some rest. So I think that is exactly what we will do.

Until tomorrow...

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