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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9, 2016

I woke up and did my First 5 devotion.  It was really good this morning.  Then I got up and got ready for work.

We had a short meeting this morning, to go over a couple of things, and then we had time to work in our rooms. I had almost everything done already, so I didn't have to work for very long.  My Prince came and helped me out with finding something on the computer that I was having trouble finding from dropbox.  He also printed out the cover sheets for my prayer journals.  I was excited because they look great!

My Prince and I went to lunch.  When I came home, the house was empty.  The Oldest Princess and the little girl she babysits were with Grammy, and the Young Prince and the Youngest Princess were with Poppy.

Poppy took the Young Prince and dropped him off at practice, and then brought the Youngest Princess home.

The Youngest Princess and I hung out for a while.  I worked on some things for school tomorrow, and the Youngest Princess got her school supplies ready to go.

The Oldest Princess called to see if the Youngest Princess wanted to go to with them to get an ice cream.  Well, of course she did!  So they came and picked her up and took her with them to get an ice cream.

Then My Prince and the Young Prince came home.

The Oldest Princess dropped the Youngest Princess off, and went back to babysit.

My Prince went and picked up our dinners that we had ordered from a fundraiser that our local high school was doing.  He bought them home and we quickly ate dinner.

The Oldest Princess got off work, and came and picked up the Youngest Princess and took her to the nail salon to have her nails done for her first day of school.

My Prince and I left to go to the school for parent/teacher orientation night.  We got there early so that I could be sure that everything was in order to go.

I talked and visited with the other teachers until it was time to start.  We met in the auditorium of the church with all of the parents first, so that we could be introduced.  Then we were allowed to go to our classrooms while the principal talked to the parents about a few things that they all need to know. Then he dismissed the parents to come to our rooms.

I talked to my parents about things that are specific to 5th grade, and had them fill out some forms.

My new student was interested in cheering, so I took her and her step-mom down to meet the cheer coach Mrs. M, but the High School parents and teachers were still in their general meeting, so we did not get to talk to her.  They just decided that they would talk to Mrs. M at cheer practice tomorrow.

I went back to my room to get everything put away and ready for our first day tomorrow.

We came home and watched the Olympics again.  This time it was girls gymnastics - the Youngest Princess's favorite!  And a little bit of the swimming.  It was exciting to watch Michael Phelps win his race.

After that, we knew we had all better get in bed.  So that is where we all are, ready now to get some rest for our big first day back to school tomorrow.

Until I blog again...

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