Two Tiaras and a Sword

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 14 - 16, 2016

Sunday, August 14 - It was a good morning.  Everything went pretty smoothly.  The Sunday school lesson was an interesting lesson on I Peter 3:18 -20, and how different people believe that those verses are talking about different things.  It was deep, but very interesting.

My Prince preached on faithfulness.  It was a good service all the way around.  We announced that we have decided to hire two ladies to work together to be our Children's Directors.  We are excited to get things moving forward on that.  After church, we went to a local Mexican restaurant, and ate lunch.

We came home, and My Prince did some studying, and I prepared for our first Bible Drills class of the new Bible Drill year.

We went to church early, because we all had things we had to do.  I was able to get some more Bible Drill things together.

Then I went to my Sunday night Bible group.  We had a good night of study and just talking about things that God has laid on our hearts and how to proceed once our study is over.  Some of us shared our hearts about how the group has been helpful in the last few months.  It was a very good night.

Then we had our first Bible Drill class.  I had nine children!  I was so excited!  We barely had room for all of them to line up across the room!  It was awesome!  They did great!  I hope that they had as much fun as I did.  I LOVE Bible Drills!  It is one of my most favorite times of the week!

After church we came home and ate leftovers and then got ready for bed.  My Prince had a hard time unwinding and going to sleep.  He was very tired, because Sunday's take a lot out of him, but he tossed and turned trying to relax.  Then he received a text that held a heavy burden, and it made it even more difficult for him to unwind and get some rest.  But eventually he was able to get some sleep.  And I was too.

Monday, August 15 -  I woke up and did my First 5 devotions.  I got ready praying all morning for the situation from the night before.  It wore heavy on my heart.  I wish that people could understand that everything they do has an effect on others.  Satan tries to make us believe that the choices we make don't hurt anyone else.  But how very untrue that is.  So I prayed.  And got ready for work.

On the way to school, the Youngest Princess and I prayed for our day, that we would be able to work together and have a good day as teacher/student, and mother/daughter.  That we would both respond properly.  My friend who teaches 4th grade brought me a little surprise.  It was an adorable decorative hedgehog.  I love it!  It now lives on my desk.

My Prince brought the hedgehog, so my class could see it.  The hedgehog stayed in our class all day.

The Oldest Princess text and asked if I wanted her to bring me some lunch.  I told her that I didn't feel like I could eat anything, but that she could come and sit with me for lunch.  She went and got Subway for her and came and had lunch with me.  I really miss having her at the school.  If I am in the hall when the high school changes classes, I find myself looking for her.  Or if we are in the lunchroom when the high school kids come in, I find myself looking for her to come by just to say hello and tell me how her day is going.  I will really miss her when she leaves for college.

It was a pretty good day overall, but at the end, when we started Penmanship the Youngest Princess had a little bit of a struggle.  We worked through it, and then it was time for the girls that cheer to go and eat before the game.  That left me with two students.  I have three that do not cheer, but one of those three checked out early, so then there were two.  I let them work on homework, while I graded some papers and got some things ready for the next day.  Before I knew it, it was time to go home.  Some of the ladies in my group text back and forth about some of the things we were thankful for.  It made me smile.

I ran home and met My Prince.  We ran to Taco Bell for a quick dinner, and then headed back to the school for the football game.  My Prince was supposed to call the game, but they had technical difficulties with the sound system, so he ended up not calling it after all.

The Youngest Princess and all of her little friends cheered.  They did a great job!  I was very proud of all of them.  The Oldest Princess helped to coach them, and she also did a great job.  The Young Prince stood on the sideline with the team, since it was a junior varsity game, and he plays on the varsity team.

After the girls finished cheering, we went in to the gym to watch a little of the volleyball game.  One of my students did not finish copying her notes, so the Youngest Princess got out her notes and I took pictures of them to send to her so that she could finish copying them.  We didn't stay at the volleyball game for very long.  I wanted to get home and let the Youngest Princess get her homework done.

We went up to my room and got the hedgehog, and then ran by McDonald's to get the Youngest Princess something to eat.

When we got home, she ate and then wrote her spelling words.  Her daddy helped her study for her history and science quizzes.  She took a shower and we read Mandie and then we went to bed.

Tuesday, August 16 - I was sick several times during the night.  Probably sicker than I have been in a while.  I am just so ready to feel better.  So, that made it very hard to get up and get going this morning, but I did.  I did my First 5 devotion.  We have moved from the book of Acts to I Corinthians.  I think it will be a good study.  I am looking forward to it.

We had a pretty good day as far as school work goes.  We were able to get all of our work done, and I had time to read a chapter of the Josiah books.  The Youngest Princess still says that it is just as bad as The Little Princess, and now she adds, "maybe even worse!"  I can't wait to get a little farther in, and see what she has to say about it then.  I am sure there will be days when she loves it, and days when she hates it.

At one point, there was a knock at my door.  I opened it to my find my friend standing there.  I started to tease with her, because that is what we do.  We give each other a hard time, and then I realized that she was crying.  She told me that she had just received news that her father had passed away.  My heart broke for her, because I have been there.  I know that no matter how old you are, you will always be your daddy's little girl.  I also know how it feels living far away and getting news like that. It is terrible.  She talked to me for a few minutes, and then she was able to go back to her class.  I told her that I would do whatever she needed me to do to help her.

The rest of the day was pretty much normal.  I had one student leave early because her sister plays volleyball and they had to travel to the volleyball game.  So far, in five days of school, we have yet to have all of us there for a whole day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I came home.  The Young Prince and the Oldest Princess were at home when we got here.  My Prince was still at work.  I sat down to relax for a few minutes and I was so tired, that I ended up falling asleep.  I took a nice little nap on the couch, and the kids were great to be quiet and not wake me up.

My Prince got home, and I still slept for about 45 minutes.  He got a call that a relative of one of our church members was in the hospital and not doing well, so he ran out and grilled some pork chops and hot dogs for dinner, and then jumped in the shower and headed to the hospital.  I woke up in all of the commotion, and was able to talk to him for a few minutes before he left.

The kids and I ate dinner, and the Youngest Princess finished her homework.  The Oldest Princess helped the Youngest Princess study for tomorrow's Bible quiz.  The Young Prince took it upon himself to go out and mow the grass.  I love it when he sees a need and takes care of it without being asked.  Makes me proud.

When she finished studying, I sent her upstairs to get her clothes ready for tomorrow, and to begin getting ready for bed.  She asked me to text my friend and tell her that she was on her heart and that she was praying for her.  So I did.  My sweet girl.  She surprised me by asking me to do that.  I love her little heart for others.

I straightened up a little and then came upstairs also.  We read our chapter of Mandie.  Then I got her settled and started working on my blog.  She had a million and one questions.  She said her prayers and finally fell asleep.

My Prince got home shortly thereafter.  Now we are all tucked in and ready for some rest.

Until I blog again...

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