Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 10-11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10 - I woke up and did my First 5 devotional.  Then I got ready for my first day back to school with students.  The Young Prince and the Youngest Princess also got ready for their first day back to school.  The Young Prince for his senior year.  The Youngest Princess for her 5th grade year.

As I was getting ready, I got a text from the mother of one of my students.  Her daughter had passed out that morning, and they were taking her to the hospital to have her checked out, so she would not be at school that day.  I was texting her and praying for my student, when My Prince come up and handed me his phone for me to read a text he had just received from one of our church members.  If we were reading it right, it meant that her brother (another one of our church members) had passed away.  We both just stood there and stared at each other, trying to wrap our minds around the message and what it meant.  My Prince decided to call the wife of the man that the text was about.  We just could not believe that it could be true that he had passed away, but we both knew that the text was no joke.  It was just so sudden and so totally unexpected.  And so very heartbreaking.  My Prince talked with his wife for a few minutes and then prayed with her.  I finished getting ready, just going through the motions, my heart and my mind a million miles away praying for a precious family who had just lost a very special loved one.

The Young Prince left for school, and the Youngest Princess and I left right after him.  I was a few minutes early despite everything that had happened that morning.

We had a great day in class.  My girls were great!  

My Prince and the Oldest Princess brought the Youngest Princess and I lunch.  I ate about half of my sandwich, and I could tell that my stomach was not happy.  So I quit eating.  My Prince finished it for me.

I checked in on my student that had fainted that morning.  Her mother told me that she was doing well.  That they had run some tests, but did not have any results.  They also have her scheduled for another test in a few weeks. 

We got settled in and did everything that we needed to do before all but two of them had cheer practice.  The two that were not cheering and I went down to the gym to watch the others cheer.  

The Oldest Princess came to help with cheer practice.  So when cheer practice ended and school was over, we came home.

I was sick when I got home.  My stomach has not been right for days now.  I am so ready to feel better!  I had been doing great, after starting Plexus, but over the summer and all of our travels, I had not been doing Plexus on a regular basis.  I have been trying to get back on it regularly, and I've done good this week.  I am hoping that it will help like it did before, that maybe it is just taking it a few days for it to start working again.

But, there was no going to church for me last night.  I stayed home while everyone else went.  It made me sad.  I wanted to be at church.  I dozed, and tried to just feel better.

When everyone got home from church, we watched some of the olympics - gymnastics - because the Youngest Princess is enamored with it.

After that, I read Mandie to the Youngest Princess, and then we went to bed.

Thursday, August 11 - I woke up and did my First 5 devotion.  It was very good this morning. 

The Oldest Princess came in and laid down in our bed.  She was not feeling well this morning.

 I got ready, and so did the Youngest Princess and the Young Prince.  I got another text from a mother of one of my students telling me that her daughter had been sick during the night before and then again this morning, so she would not be at school.  So, my student that had fainted the day before would be there, but I would be missing another student.  So, so far this year, I have yet to have a full class. Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, we had a good day.  It was a little tough on the Youngest Princess.  She is having a hard time separating "Mommy" from "teacher".  She expects me to act like "Mommy", when I need to act like "teacher", because I have a classroom full of other kids.  So today, we ran into a little trouble, and she gave me a little attitude.  I talked to her about it, and we both know that we have some adjusting to do.  Please pray with me that I have wisdom in dealing with her.  We have a really good, close relationship, and I do not want me being her teacher this year to change that.  My prayer is that it brings us even closer. But today was definitely a trial.  Hopefully we will work out the kinks and be able to move ahead full swing the rest of the year.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I came home.  The Oldest Princess was glad to see us.  She said that it had been lonely and quiet around the house all day.

I lined up my sub for tomorrow afternoon, so that I can go to the funeral of our friend.

I ate some cheese crackers and had water for snack and lunch.  I did not want to be sick again.

My Prince came home and brought fried chicken for dinner.  I did not eat any, because I was still not feeling good.  I did take some medicine that I had from when I had some tummy troubles several months back.  Finally, I was so hungry, that I decided if I was going to be sick anyway, that I might as well eat.  I knew the chicken would be too spicy, so I heated up some steak tips that I had left over from a few nights ago.

The Youngest Princess did her homework.  I didn't feel that tired, but we started watching the Olympics, and I could barely hold my eyes open.  So I settled in on the couch, and promptly fell deeply asleep.  

My Prince sent the Youngest Princess up to get her shower and get ready for bed.  I woke up.  I started working on my blog.  The Youngest Princess went to bed.  The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince and I are watching the Olympics as I type.  And that, pretty much sums up the last two days.

Until I blog again...


Lucinda Champion said...

Praying that your tummy troubles go away!

Tricia said...

Lucinda, thank you so much!