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Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 12-13, 2016

Friday, August 12 - I woke up and did my First 5 devotions.  Then got ready for work.  Even though it was casual Friday, I went ahead and dressed for the funeral, because I would not have time to come home and change.

We had a good morning.  We were on the third day, finally all there.  The Oldest Princess stopped in at about 9:40 to tell me goodbye.  She was going as an "assistant coach" with the volleyball team to a tournament.  I received a very exciting and encouraging text from one of the ladies in my Bible study group.  

We did our classwork a little out of order, so that I could leave some of the easier things for my sub.  I worked until 12:00, and then left to go to the funeral.  

I dreaded the funeral.  I did not want to be having to go to this funeral.  I got there as the family was finishing up eating.  I was able to talk to the daughter-in-law first.  I explained to her that the Oldest Princess had wanted to be there, but she had already made a commitment to go to the volleyball tournament.  She told me to tell the Oldest Princess that "Big Daddy" would have wanted her to go, and that he would tell her she was where she needed to be.  So sweet!  And she was right, he would have told her just that.

I was finally able to see Mrs. B.  My friend, my sister in Christ, and Big Daddy's wife.  She has been the object of many of my prayers the last few days.  I love her dearly and my heart hurts to see her hurt.  I mourn with her.  I hate it when people I love hurt.  I gave her a huge hug and told her that I love her and have been praying for her.  She is probably one of the strongest ladies that I know.

I also was able to talk to his sweet sister who is also a member of our church.  She is precious, and I know she loved him and will miss him greatly.

Then I went and sat in the back corner of the church, so that I could get out quickly and meet My Prince at the car after the funeral so we could be on our way to the graveside in the funeral procession.  I watched the church fill up to the brim with people who loved this family.  Another church member and friend came and sat by me.  She told me stories of "Big Daddy" from knowing him while she was growing up.

I thought of several things that stood out from our four years of knowing them...

The time that we were about to have the Oldest Princess's 16th Birthday party, and a storm knocked the electricity out. I posted a request on Facebook for people to pray that the lights would come back on before time for the party.  Thankfully, before too long, the lights came back on, and I posted again a thank you to those who prayed.  The next day, a Sunday, Mrs. B told me that when "Big Daddy" heard that we were without lights, he had gone down to the shed and was dragging his generator up the hill to bring it to us. And when I posted that the lights had come back on, she had yelled out and told him that we didn't need it after all.  But the fact that he was willing to go to all of that trouble to help us really meant the world to me.

The time when he told me that Princess Kate and I resembled one another.

The first time that I heard about him working in the church nursery, and how stunned I was.  Not many men work in the church nursery, but he loved to sit and rock the babies.  He was a big, strong man, and it was precious to walk by the window and see him sitting in there in a rocking chair with a baby bouncing on his knee, or asleep on his chest.

Of the times that he spent no telling how much time cutting out wooden shapes for us to paint on our craft nights.

And most recently of his running joke about there being no rain, and it being My Prince's fault, and how maybe the church needed to get a new pastor, that could bring rain.  Just the day before he passed away, there was a little rain shower, and My Prince ran out to take a picture and text it to him as proof that it was raining.  He text back wanting to know if it was raining, or sprinkling.  My Prince told him that it was more of a sprinkle.

As the funeral ended, there was a good steady rain falling.  It rained on us all the way to the graveside, and through the graveside service.  About the time the graveside service ended, the rain did as well.

While we were driving home, I let the Lord know that I was a little miffed at Him.  I guess I didn't really let Him know, He already knew.  But I had a conversation with Him in my heart.  I know He is sovereign, and I know that He has a reason and a plan for everything He does.  But I was not ready for Him to take "Big Daddy" from us.  Not ready at all.  It just did not seem fair for him to take such a big hearted, fun loving, hard working man.  I wanted to rewind back a couple of days and ask for a re-do.  But God doesn't do that.  And death is a part of life.  And I have to come to terms with it, even though I don't like it.  I just have to trust that our all knowing, all loving God knew that in the big picture this was what was best.  Even if it is hard. And sad. And hurtful.  And God is still good.  In every situation and in every circumstance.

We got home and the Young Prince and the Youngest Princess were asking to go see the movie "Pete's Dragon".  My Prince was not very excited about it, but we needed a night to just chill with the kids, so we decided to go.  We went to eat, and then to the movie.  The movie was good, but I was a little disappointed that it did not stick to the story line of the first "Pete's Dragon".  We all had a little trouble with our "allergies" as My Prince likes to say when his eyes water during a movie.  We drove through and got ice cream for an on the way home treat.

When we got home, the Youngest Princess and I read our chapter of Mandie, and then snuggled and fell asleep.

Saturday, August 13 - I woke up and relaxed a little while.  I text back and forth with the Oldest Princess some.  The Youngest Princess woke up and we talked and watched a show.  

A friend text me to ask if I knew about a conference that was coming near us.  I had not known, but was excited to learn about it.  I don't know if it is going to work for us to be able to go, but I am praying that it will.

At one point she was laying with her head on my left side, and she said, "Mommy, I can hear your heartbeat, and it comforts me."  And her comment melted me.  I love my sweet girl!

I text my Bible study group member back when I realized that I had not answered her text from the day before.  We exchanged several texts back and forth after that.

I worked on my Bible study.  My Prince got up and studied some too.  Then he left to go to another funeral.  This time a for a brother of one of our church members.

I did some laundry.  The Young Prince went to spend the night at a friend's house.

My Prince grilled chicken for dinner.  We ate and then got ready to go to a retirement party for one of the members of our church.  It was a nice party, and we enjoyed getting to talk to and visit with some of our church members that we don't always get to spend time with.  And after "Big Daddy's" sudden death, I want to treasure every conversation with friends and loved ones.  None of us are promised tomorrow. We need to remember that and make each and every moment count.

We left the party and came home.  I did some more laundry.  The Youngest Princess found a shirt that she needs for Monday, when she cheers at the first football game of the year.  The Oldest Princess did some more packing and cleaning out her room in preparation of her move to college.

The Youngest Princess emptied out her piggy bank, counted her money, wrote the total on the inside flap of an envelope, and a note on the front of the envelope, and gave it to her sister.  She wanted the Oldest Princess to have it "to help with college" (good thing that college is a 5th grade spelling word!).  It was very sweet.  They talk big, and they tease one another, but they really do love each other.

Now My Prince is studying, I am blogging, and the girls are upstairs watching a movie.

I am going to get off here and put a load of clothes in the dryer and then head to bed.

Until I blog again...

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