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Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 19, 2016

I woke up and did my First 5 devotion as always.  Then I got ready for work.  Casual Friday!  Woo hoo!  I love casual Fridays!  We got a call from a friend/church member to let us know that his wife (who is in my Wednesday night small group) had woke up in the middle of the night having what they thought was an allergic reaction.  They rushed her to the hospital.  They ruled out everything, and were thinking that it was a reaction to her blood pressure medicine.  My Prince and our youth pastor went to the hospital.  I sent out a text to my group to let them know that we needed to be praying.

The Oldest Princess left the house to go babysit.  The Youngest Princess woke up and had a better morning than the morning before.  I think we actually made it to the car before I heard, "I miss Tiger, Mommy" for the the first time.  There were a few tears on the way to school, but not uncontrollable this time.  Just sad tears.

School went okay.  I taught Bible, and it was one of my favorite lessons to teach.  Then we did math. The lesson was on averaging.  It was taking a long time, because they have to add several numbers together, and then divide.  Most of them were making simple mistakes with their addition, so then they would not get the right answer when they divided.  And then they would have to start all over again.  We had to stop and to break.  Then we came back and worked on it some more.  It was taking forever, and we had to move on, because we had other things to do besides just math.  When we got to the review section of the page, I accelerated things a little, knowing that not every student would finish every problem on the page.  Most of the students rolled right along with me.  Except one.  That would be the Youngest Princess.  She had a come apart, because she was not done with the section that we giving the answers to.  I tried to get her to understand that it was okay, but she would not stop trying to state her case to me long enough for me to get through to her.  I finally had to send her out to the hall, and we had a heart to heart chat.  I explained that because it was review, and that I knew they know how to multiply, and because we were three hours in to our day and had only done Bible and math, and that I knew how much more we had to do to cover everything, as well as the fact that they had music later and we had to be finished even earlier than normal, that it was okay for her to trust me that it would be all right if she did not finish every multiplication problem on the entire page.  And I let her know that arguing with me and back talking to me in class was not acceptable, and that we were going to go back in that classroom, and that she was going to relax and follow along with me.  She said "Yes, m'am."  So I motioned her back into the room.  She passed by me on the way in, and whispered, "But it's hard!"  So I sent her right back out into the hall.  I then let her know that "It was hard" because she does NOT have all of her math facts memorized.  And that if she would work on them at home when I tell her to, instead of giving me excuses and lip, that she would have them memorized and THEN, it would not be "hard", it would be a piece of cake!  And sent her back to her seat.

The rest of the day went very smoothly.  My Prince text to let me know that he and the youth pastor were on the way home from the hospital.  There was no change in my friend.  I really wanted to go to the hospital, but I had to teach, and that evening, was the Young Prince's first football game of his senior year.  My Prince told me that she was sedated, and would not know that I was there, so I felt better about not being able to go.  But she was on my heart and I prayed for her and her family fervently all day.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I came home.  The Oldest Princess had gone to lunch with the Adopted Princess.  The Adopted Princess brought a gift from her and a family friend to the Oldest Princess.  It was a shadow box with a poem, about friendship, written by the family friend.  The poem was about two vines - signifying the two girls - and how they grew up separately at first, and then their lives were intertwined and they grew together equally strong, and winning the game of life together, because they were friends.  It is a beautiful, touching poem, and it is very special to the Oldest Princess.  She wanted me to see it as soon as I came in.  I know she will treasure it, as much as she treasures her friendship with the Adopted Princess.

We were home for just a few minutes before we left to grab something to eat, and then go to the Young Prince's ballgame.  We went to eat, and had a nice dinner and time of fellowship with our girls.  Then we had a few minutes, so we stopped by the store and picked up a few things that the Oldest Princess will need for college.

Then we headed to the football game.  We were not matched up well.  The other team had several players that were bigger than our boys and they had about (the way it looked to me) twice as many players as we did.  The Young Prince is the only senior on our team.  Not too far in, one of our bigger players got hurt, and had to sit out the rest of the game.  It was a tough game.  They were pretty much killing us.  Then there was a lightning delay.  We went out and sat in our cars for about an hour.  Our friends pulled their car over next to ours, and we talked through the open windows and that helped the time to pass faster.  It started raining lightly, and they started the game again.  So we sat on the bleachers in the rain, and watched the rest of the game.  They allowed the clock to just run.  There was no hope at this point of us making a comeback.  The Young Prince was able to make one touchdown, and put us on the scoreboard.  I was very thankful for that.  I knew that he was going to be totally bummed.  But after the game, one of his teammates came over to me and asked me to please make sure that I told the Young Prince that the loss was not on him (because he takes it personally), but to tell him that he played his hardest and stepped up his game, and it was not on him.  I told the young man that I would tell the Young Prince, but I didn't know if he would listen to me or not.

The Youngest Princess asked if she could go spend the night with a friend.  It was okay with the friend's mom, so we let her go.

When we got in the car, I was telling the Young Prince what his teammate had asked me to tell him, and My Prince said that the same teammate had given him the same message to give to the Young Prince.

The Young Prince was in pretty good spirits on the way home, even though he was bruised up and beaten from nose to toe.  He was talkative, and I loved it.

When we got home, I told the Young Prince to take some ibuprofen and put all of his stinky clothes directly in the washing machine and to hit the shower.  We all went directly to bed.  We were exhausted.  Especially the Young Prince.

Until I blog again...

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