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Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart.  I was afraid that there would be more tears from our girl. I got up and did my First 5 devotions.  Then I got ready for work.

The Youngest Princess got up in a pretty good mood, almost as if she had forgotten what had happened.  And when we left, there were a few bees around our front door.  We have been talking about bees in science, so the Youngest Princess and My Prince were all excited to show them to me. We looked at them for a while and wondered why they were there.  So, that diverted her attention at least until we got to the car, and then the tears came.

We talked about school and tried to think of other things on our way to school.  I prayed for our day before we pulled into the parking lot.  The Youngest Princess was good when we got out of the car, but then she saw one of her friends, and wanted to walk with them.  When she got to the classroom door, she was in tears again.  I am sure she told her friend what had happened.

Many of the wonderful people I work with were very sweet to let us know how sorry they were for what had happened.

School went well, until we got to reading.  Of course, today of all days, the story would be about a dog.  The Youngest Princess cried again.  I think she pretty much cried all day off and on.  We took a spelling pre-test, and the Youngest Princess made a 100 on it, so she does not have to take her spelling test tomorrow.  I was very proud of her.

I received a very sweet Facebook message from a friend about how her family had been praying for us, and how our tragedy had touched their lives in a special way.  She wanted me and the Youngest Princess to know, so that we could remember that everything happens for a reason.  It was very sweet.

My Prince and the Oldest Princess came by and ate lunch with me.

The last couple of hours went by very fast, and we were busy trying to get everything done before it was time to go home.  We did manage to get it all done, but barely.

The Youngest Princess and I headed home.  I dreaded going home, because I knew that getting home would bring more tears from the Youngest Princess missing Tiger.  My Prince had promised to take her out back to show her where they had buried him.  When we got home, she was tearful going in, because Tiger was always there to meet us and get his belly rubbed on our way in.  She went straight to the back door and out to the back porch where she loved on Houston for a few minutes.

When she came back in, I shared the Facebook message that I had received earlier with her.  I got choked up reading it to her.  About that time the Oldest Princess came home from the store.

At the same time the Oldest Princess got home, a sweet friend pulled into the driveway.  She brought a hyacinth bulb to the Youngest Princess.  She told her that when she was a little girl, and her dog died, that she planted a hyacinth by its grave, and every year when it bloomed, she was reminded of her beloved pet.  She wanted the Youngest Princess to have one to plant.  She also gave her a little memorial stone, and a card.  It was such a precious gesture on the part of my friend!  How thoughtful was that!  It brought sunshine to an otherwise pretty blue day.

The Youngest Princess and My Prince went in to do homework, and the Oldest Princess and I went by to visit Mrs. B to check on her and let her know how much we love her.  We had a sweet visit with her and her granddaughter.

The Oldest Princess dropped me off back at the house, and then she went on to the school to help with the volleyball teams.

I came in, and My Prince went out to grill hamburgers.  The Young Prince came home from football practice.  We ate dinner, and watched something funny on television.

The Oldest Princess got home.  We all got ready for bed.  Everyone is exhausted.  The Youngest Princess cried in the shower.  When she got done, I read the next chapter of Mandie to the her.  I helped the Young Prince with some of his homework. The Oldest Princess came in to show me a drawing of one of her favorite verses that she had done.  My Prince fell asleep waiting on all of us to get settled.  I worked on my blog off an on during all of that.  And now, I'm done with the news from today.

Until I blog again...

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