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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 2, 2016

I woke up and did my First 5 devo.  Then I took my time getting ready.  Knowing that I needed to go back to the school to do some more work, but not really in a hurry to get there.  My Prince got ready and left for work.  I woke up the Young Prince to let him know that I was leaving, and that he was in charge of the Youngest Princess, as the Oldest Princess had already gone to babysit.  I went downstairs, and realized that I was hungry.  So I ate some chips and salsa before I left.  I know.  Great breakfast.  But it was quick and easy.

Then I gathered up all of the little things that I had laminated and the Oldest Princess and I had cut out, as well as my bag, and left for the school.

When I got there, I was able to get my bulletin boards done.  But, I realized that one little piece, a really cute little snail was missing.  I figured that I had dropped him somewhere between my front door and my classroom, and that I would never see him again.  I was sad, because he really is a cute little guy.  I think the old classroom is looking pretty spiffy, and ready for a new year of school.  I took a few more things down to laminate them.  I must be crazy.

On my way to the office, I saw Mrs. S, and thought I would give it a shot and ask her if she had seen a little lost laminated snail.  She said she had!  Then she had to think about what she had done with it. And when she remembered, she said she had put it on top of the cabinet in the nursery.  So we walk in there and she reaches up to get it, but can't feel it.  So she looks at me (we are both vertically challenged) and says, "Can you see it?"  I look her straight in the eye.  One short girl to another and laugh.  But I pulled over a rocking chair, and stood on it and could see it.  I was pretty sure that I could reach it from the ground, so I was able to reach up and get it.  Yay!  My little lost snail was found!

I got the jump drive out of my box that Mrs. B had left for me.  It had pictures of the Oldest Princess. I thought I might need some of them to complete her Senior page for the yearbook.  We have had great intentions of getting it done forever now.  But we have been busy, and I would think about it, and then forget about it, and it still hasn't been done.

So, I took my laminated stuff and the jump drive and stopped by the church, because My Prince is much better with computers, and has been telling me that he would help me get her Senior page done. It was crunch time, and we needed to get busy.

When I got there, he plugged in the jump drive, and then asked me if there was a template or something that he needed to use.  Well, now, that is a very good question.  I didn't know!!  So I text Mrs. B to ask her.  She told me something that meant nothing to me, that another mom had used.  My Prince knew what she was talking about and went there.  He still did not feel like that was what he needed.  So I text the mom that Mrs. B told me about.  She said she used some program that we did not have.  She also told me that we could buy a template from Etsy.  And she very sweetly told me that she would even do it for me, if I wanted her to.  I was glad to hear that she was not finished with her daughter's page either.

So, we bought a template from etsy, and began trying to narrow it down to 5 pictures.  How does one narrow down 12 years into 5 pictures?  I text the Oldest Princess who was out to lunch with friends to ask her if she just wanted to use her Senior pictures, or if she wanted me to try to pick pictures throughout the years.  She requested Senior pictures, so that narrowed it down.  My Prince realized that to use the template, he needed some program that was not on his church computer, but was on the Young Prince's computer at home.

I got a text from a young lady that I have been discipling asking me if we were still going to meet. Um, yes.  Of course we are!  I had completely forgotten about it, because it was not our normal day to meet.  We had had to switch things around because of our busy schedules.  Okay, that gave us an hour to get home, use the program on the Young Prince's computer, get a book I needed, eat lunch, pick up the Youngest Princess, and get back to the church for my meeting.

At home, My Prince got on the computer, and I warmed up a hamburger for lunch.  I sent the Young Prince up to wake up the Youngest Princess who was still asleep.  And to tell her to get ready for cheer practice.  He woke her up, and then asked me to help him find a shirt to wear for his Senior athlete pictures.  They were supposed to wear a white shirt.  The boy has a ton of white shirts, but he is tough on clothes, and most of them have stains on them.  So he held up about 4 shirts before we finally found a winner.  I told him that he would probably need to iron it.  He said he was on it.

All of that reminded me that the Youngest Princess was supposed to take her cheer uniform to practice that day to make sure it wasn't too small and that she would not need to order a new one. She had come downstairs in the middle of us trying to find a shirt for the Young Prince, complaining that she was sore from head to toe.  I told her that if she was sore from cheer practice that she must me doing it right.  Then I had her go back up stairs to get her uniform from her closet.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking closer to my meeting time. My Prince is realizing that he is going to need assistance from our youth pastor who knows the program that he was trying to use to continue working on the Senior yearbook page.  I am wolfing down my hamburger.  The Youngest Princess comes back downstairs with full cheer uniform (all four parts present and accounted for - praise the Lord), looking for socks.  Oh, boy!  It's that time of year again.  The time where we have the great sock debate every morning.  Every. Morning.  They are too tight, or too loose.  The are too tall, or too short.  They are not the right color.  They hurt her toes.  They make her feet sweat.  It is a struggle. Every. Morning.  Every. Morning.  So she cries out, "UH!  I HATE socks!"  And My Prince and I look at each other and say, "Here we go again!"

She finally finds a pair that make her happy.  I finish my hamburger.  She comes into the dining room with brush in hand, lays it on the table by my plate (my mom would have had heart failure) and asks me to help her fix her hair.  I quickly pick the brush up, and tell her I would be glad to help her.  In the bathroom.  So we get her hair fixed, and grab all of our stuff, and head back out the door so I can make it to my meeting on time.

We actually got to the church a few minutes early, and Poppy was there, so the Youngest Princess and I got to spend a few minutes talking to him before my meeting.

I had a good meeting with the young lady that I am discipling.  We had a great study on how we have victory over sin.

During my meeting, the Oldest Princess came by the church to pick up the Youngest Princess and get her to cheer practice.  We thought it started at 2:00.  But it didn't start until 3:00, so come to think of it, I am not even sure where the Oldest Princess went after that, but when I finished with my meeting at about 2:00, I headed back to the school.  I still had all of the stuff that I had laminated that morning, that I needed to cut out and I figured there was no time like the present.  So I drug it all back inside.  The church secretary teased me telling me that it looked just like it did when I carried it out a couple of hours earlier.  I know.  I know.

I went to my classroom and began cutting things out.  The Oldest Princess text me and asked me if I could use help.  I told her yes, so she came up with the little girls and helped me cut out the rest of the stuff I had laminated that day.  We sent the little girls to the gym for cheer while we finished up, and then we went down to the gym too.

The Oldest Princess helped with cheer practice, while I filled out medical release forms and talked with some of the other mothers.  Two of them will have girls in my class this year.  I am trying out a new app for my class this year called Remind, so I asked the two moms if I could go ahead and put their numbers in.  We did.  One of the mothers is also a teacher, and she is heading up getting all the info out to the cheer parents, so she said she may try it well.  I will let you know how I like it, after I have used it for a couple of weeks.

While we were sitting there, three of the girls who are Seniors all walked into the gym in their white shirts and blue jeans.  Oh. my. word.  I got all teary eyed!  I know as a teacher, you are not supposed to have favorite students, but, as a whole group, this group was my favorite class to teach.  I love these kids!!  Now, last years Seniors were definitely special in my heart as well.  And maybe it is because I have kids in both of those classes, and I know them better because they have been to my house, and we have done life together.  But as far as teaching goes, the senior class this year, was definitely a delight to have and to teach.  They got along, and they laughed and they had fun, and many of them have grown up to love the Lord and I see them going on to serve Him full time in the future.  I hated losing the Seniors last year, the school will not be the same without them.  And I feel the same way about this class.  They are very special kids.  Did I mention that I love them?  Eeek! Anyway, I had to fight tears, and the Young Prince wasn't even there yet!

Cheer practice was winding down, and the girls went to try on their uniforms.  The Young Prince arrived, and I went outside to watch them take pictures.  The Oldest Princess and I were on Pinterest trying to help them find cool poses.  I completely forgot the whole reason I stayed through cheer practice was to check the Youngest Princess' uniform to see if if would work again for this year or if we would need to buy a bigger one.  Thankfully, some of the other cheer moms and grandmothers inside checked her out and okayed it for me.

We found a really cool picture with a football and the kid in the picture had on his championship ring. Which made me think...I asked the Young Prince where his ring was.  He told me he thought it was at home in his room.  I called My Prince to see if he could bring the ring and hurry, because it was overcast and beginning to sprinkle.  I forgot that we had all the cars, and My Prince did not have a way to bring the ring. So I sent the Oldest Princess home to get it.  Meanwhile, they took pictures of the girls.  The Young Prince is the only Senior boy playing fall sports this year.

I went back inside to check on the Youngest Princess, and they told me her uniform looked fine to them, and she had already changed back into her practice clothes.  I told them thank you for checking it for me.  I had figured it would be fine, because she is tiny and really did not grow a lot over the summer.

The Youngest Princess wanted to go play on the playground with her friends.  The Oldest Princess returned with the Young Prince's ring.  And we went back outside to take his pictures.  He is a mess, and likes to be silly, so it was a little difficult to get him to focus and do some of the serious shots, but I think overall, we got some good ones.  At one point, we had him run back into the locker room to get his helmet.  It was at this point that the Oldest Princess confessed to me that after the great white shirt hunt this morning, and after I left the house, that the Young Prince had opened a coke, and spilt it all over the one approve white shirt.  Luckily, he found a package of unopened white t-shirts in his room, and was able to use one of those instead.

T took some of the group (the Young Prince and the three young ladies), that turned out really cute.  I am excited to see how they all turned out.  I had a text regarding school matters in the middle of all of the picture taking.  One that required more thought than I had the time to give it, so I will have to put some thought into it and answer it later.

My Prince text me to see if I wanted him to start dinner, because he had a meeting that night that I had forgotten all about.  I really need a personal assistant during the school year!  I told him yes, to please start grilling, and I would be home soon.  I rounded up the Youngest Princess, left the Young Prince doing football practice and the Oldest Princess helping with volleyball practice, and came home to help finish up dinner.

While dinner was finishing, the Youngest Princess tried on her cheer uniform for me. She really wanted my approval.  It was fine.  If we went any bigger, I am afraid it would fall off of her skinny little self.

We ate dinner, and My Prince went to get ready for his meeting.  The Youngest Princess and I chilled for a while, until it was time for the older kids to get home.  I got the Youngest Princess started getting ready for bed.  While she was in the shower, the oldest two came home from practice.  After she finished her shower she was in a playful mood, and the two of us had a little wrestling match. She thought that she could take me.  But she was wrong!  It has been a long time since we have played like that, and it was good for both of us.

My Prince came home, and got the computer and we began to finish the work on the Oldest Princess's Senior page.  I helped him know which pictures and words to put in, and he did all the technical stuff. We got it done, and he told me he would clean it up and straighten everything up the next day so that we could send it to Mrs. B.

We were all tired and ready for bed, so we headed that direction.  It did not take me long at all to fall asleep.

Until I blog again...

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