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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016

I woke up this morning, and like every other morning, did my First 5 devotion.  Then I got ready and the Youngest Princess and I headed off to school.

School went very well.  We were able to get everything finished in time for the girls to go to cheer practice.  My three remaining students played with legos while I recorded grades.

The dentist called and said that they had had a cancellation and wanted to know if I could come in and make up my appointment that they had to cancel back a few weeks ago.  I told them that I could.

After school I came home, and My Prince went with me to the dentist.  I got my teeth cleaned.  I have a spot on one of my back teeth that needs some attention, so I had to make an appointment to go back in a couple of weeks to get that fixed.

We ran and got the kids something to eat.  I warmed up leftovers.  My Prince and the Young Prince left early for church.  The girls and I came later.

I finally got to meet back with my Wednesday night small group.  I have for many different reasons not been able to meet with them for a long time.  It was good to be back together - except we missed S.  We had a good time sharing prayer requests and what we had learned from our study of Acts Ch. 1.

After church we talked for a while, and then I asked My Prince if we could stop by the store and pick up some ibuprofen because my teeth were sore.  We stopped and My Prince and the Youngest Princess went in and got the ibuprofen and a few other things.

As we were driving home, My Prince suddenly sucked in his breath.  He does this often while he is driving, usually when he thinks there is a close call and someone was about to have a wreck.  I looked up at the car pretty far in front of us wondering what was going on about the time we hit something.  I asked him what it was, and he did not answer.  I had to ask about three times, when he finally answered that we had hit a dog.  The Youngest Princess in the backseat immediately begins to cry.  She is an absolute mess.  We drive the last minute home quietly.  When we get to the driveway, My Prince says that he is going back to "take care of it".  I knew that this meant that he knew he had killed the dog.  The Youngest Princess is a crying mess.  I looked around and realize that our Tiger is nowhere to be seen.  I sent the Youngest Princess into the house, and asked My Prince, "Was it Tiger?!?"  He said yes.  We had hit and killed our own dog.  While My Prince was getting everything ready to go back and get him, I had to go inside and explain to the Youngest Princess that it was our dog.  Terrible. Horrible.  No. Good. Very. Bad. way to end a day.

There were many, many tears.  The oldest two children had gone to eat after church.  So they did not know exactly what had happened until they came home.  The Young Prince went out to help his daddy bury our dog.

Tiger was just that.  He protected his territory fiercely.  He refused to stay in the backyard after our golden retriever died, and we brought home a black lab.  He would get out of anything we put him in, and he claimed the front yard as his home.  He barked at everything that moved, like he was going to eat it alive, but he was ALL bark and NO bite.  He and the cats had a love/hate relationship.  He would roam a little, but he always came home.  I have never known him to wander as far as he did tonight.  I don't understand why it happened, but it did.  We all feel terrible, especially a little girl who is absolutely heartbroken.  He was a great dog.  We loved him, and he will be dearly missed, especially by a little girl who is absolutely heartbroken.

While the men were burying Tiger outside, the Oldest Princess and I were doing our best to divert the Youngest Princess's attention inside.  We got her showered and ready for bed.  I let lay with me and we read our chapter of Mandie.  We watched funny youtube videos.  Anything to try to get her mind off of it.

The guys came in and got showered and cleaned up.

Now we are all tucked in, hopefully for the night.  With our hearts a little sadder, and our front yard a little lonelier and lot more quiet.

Until I blog again...

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