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Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

5/3 - Tuesday - It was the funeral of my sweet friend.  My Prince did a good job.  But some subjects are very easy to work with, and my friend lived a life that made it easy for the preacher to preach her funeral.  After the funeral, I did not go to work, as I would have been there for less than two hours.  The Oldest Princess was still not feeling well, so I came home and spent some time with her.  I do not  really remember what we did that evening.  I am old, and I have slept since then.

5/4 - Wednesday - Wednesday morning was pretty regular.  The Oldest Princess was feeling better again, so she went back to school.  It was teacher appreciation week, so I received several really sweet gifts from my students and their parents. More than normal, because some of them were meant for Tuesday.  I got bright, happy cleaning rags, chocolates, cokes, journals, notepads, pens, sunflower seeds, dry erase markers,  a cute little pail with a  flower and a hummingbird on it, and a beautiful new Bible to use in my classroom (because my classroom Bible was falling apart).  The Bible really made my day, because one of my students noticed that I needed a new one, and took it upon herself to  get me a new one, without even mentioning it.  It was a total surprise.  And very thoughtful on my student's part.  It makes my heart smile every time I use it (and that is a lot).  She also included a very sweet card that brought me to tears.  I know I say it often, but I say it because it is so true, I am blessed beyond measure!  I get to teach children about the Lord, as well as other things throughout the day.  Bible, Math, Language, Science, History and life lessons sprinkled all the way through our day.  And I have supportive parents and awesome co-workers.  We are like a little family, and I absolutely love it!

After school, we came home for a few minutes, before it was time to go to church.  I went early to help pack purses.  We had our ladies bring some of their gently used old purses and we filled them with items that any woman might need or love - travel sized shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, manicure sets, deodorants, costume jewelry, combs, brushes, chapstick, makeup, candy, gum, a Bible, a Bible verse, etc.  We had a contact pick them up and take them to a battered women's shelter.  That way, when a woman comes in with absolutely nothing, they have something that was packed with love and prayers to give her, to help her in a very difficult time of her life.  I never got a total, but we packed around 50 purses.

After that, I joined the other two members of my small group for our study on Leviticus.  Two of us were missing (and they were very missed).  We had a good time and pretty much decided that we know very little about the feasts, and what they all meant.  It is an interesting study. This will be our last week in Leviticus, and I have learned a lot.

As I was leaving church, our friend text me and told me that the Oldest Princess's pictures were done.  So the Young Prince and I ran by their house and picked them up.  We were able to stay and talk with them for a few minutes.  I really enjoy being able to talk to/fellowship with our friends and church members outside of church, because at church, it seems like there is so very little time to get to anything below just the regular surface stuff.  I treasure times we are able to talk and really get to know one another.

We came home and looked at the pictures.  We loved them all!  Our sweet friend did a great job.

5/5 - Thursday - It was the National Day of Prayer.  The Youngest Princess went with My Prince to our town's National Day of Prayer.  She "led" the pledges and the singing of My Country Tis of Thee for her daddy.  And no doubt added a certain amount of cuteness to the event - she's mine.  I'm a little bit biased.

When she got to school, and changed into her school dress code, she realized that she had forgotten her shoes and socks.  So she went barefoot for most of the day (until My Prince came at lunch and brought her her shoes).  Yep.  My kid went to school without shoes.  And she survived.  And life went on.  Some days it is all we can do to hold on and just survive.  And I am sure we are not alone.

Oh, I got a jar filled with Hershey's Hugs from my class, and a card with some cash in it signed by each of my students.  Did I mention that I am blessed?  And that they are thoughtful?

After school, one of the Youngest Princess's friends came home with us for the hour before tumbling. They looked at the hedgehog, and played and before we knew it, it was time to head to tumbling.  My Prince and the Oldest Princess joined us.  We ran by the friend's house so she could change for tumbling, and then on to tumbling.  The Youngest Princess almost has her back handspring.  It won't be long!

After tumbling, we took the friend home, and then ran to grab something to eat.  After a quick dinner, we came home, and refreshed and allowed the Youngest Princess to change clothes, and then went to the church for a special National Day of Prayer prayer meeting.  It was a sweet time of gathering with  some of our church members, and members of another church to pray for our nation, our community, and our churches.  Again, precious moments, that are too fleeting, with people we love.

We then came home, and did homework, and called it a day.

5/6 - Friday -  My class again outdid themselves and brought me such sweet thoughtful gifts.  There was a bouquet of roses, a flower to plant at home, a solar powered flower (I can't wait to see what it looks like at night), and some homemade bath salts.  There was a scrapbook, with pictures from our year, and a letter from each of my students - a gift I will treasure for years to come.  And there was a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.  Now my heart charm doesn't have to be all alone!  And, even more exciting, it is in the shape of a hedgehog!  Who knew that Pandora actually makes a hedgehog charm?!?  It is adorable!  She has a little bow in her hair, and her little nose is all pointy.  She is holding a purse, and has on a polkadot dress.  She is adorable!  They could not have picked a better charm for me to remember them by.  It is awesome!  And yes, I smile when I see it, or think about it.

After school, we ran home for the Youngest Princess to change clothes, and to meet up with the Oldest Princess.  The Youngest Princess had a birthday party to attend.  Siblings were invited, and it just so happens that the friend having the birthday party has an older sister that is the same age as the Oldest Princess.  So, it is really unique, that we have girls that are so far apart in age, and the same ages, and that both sets of girls have been life long friends.  So the Oldest Princess went with us to the party.  First we met at a local park and had pizza, and Oreo cheesecake (yummy!), and opened presents.  Then we went to the skating rink so the girls could skate.  I didn't skate, but I had fun watching everyone else.  We left a few minutes early, because the Young Prince and My Prince wanted to got to a movie.  The Oldest Princess wanted to go to.  She asked her friend (who's sister was having the party) to go with her.

So we got home and met up with the boys and headed to the movies.  The Young Princess and I decided to join them and watch a different movie that was more our speed - The Jungle Book.  I enjoyed watching the movie with the Youngest Princess.  I don't know that we have ever gone to a movie just the two of us.  Our movie finished first, so we had to wait a few minutes before My Prince and the kids were done with theirs.  We did a little people watching, and saw a few friends, while we waited on them.  When their movie was over, we headed home.  It had been a long day, and we were exhausted.

5/7 - Saturday - I woke up and got some things done around the house.  I made some chicken dip for the Oldest Princess who needed it for a girls thing she was going to.  She attempted to make chocolate bowls (with balloons) for their ice cream, but it just wasn't meant to be today.  When the balloons popped, they stuck to the chocolate (I think we forgot that the last time we wrapped the balloons in saran wrap before we dipped them in the chocolate), and then we could not peel the chocolate off of the balloons without it breaking into pieces.  It was a definite Pinterest fail.  But, we live and learn, and next time we will remember the saran wrap!

I worked on a couple of my Bible studies, and tried to do a little catching up on my blog.  My Prince took the Youngest Princess to a birthday party. Since I took her to the birthday party yesterday, he offered to take her to the one today.  He's a good man!

While they were gone, I had about an hour to myself.  I cranked up my iTunes, and finished my Bible study and got some thank you cards written.

The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince came home about the same time.  We watched a show together.

My Prince and the Youngest Princess came home.  They all wanted to give me their Mother's Day presents.  Some of them have been asking for a week if they can give them to me.  I've been telling them to wait, but I told them it was okay to give them to me this evening, because Sunday mornings at our house are so hectic.  So they gave me their gifts.  The Youngest Princess painted a heart for me, and bought me a beautiful candle holder.  She also wrote me the sweetest note!  The Young Prince, on his own told his daddy a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to get me a charm for my bracelet.  He chose the Tinkerbell signature green spacer - two of my favorites wrapped up in one.  Green and Tinkerbell! And to make it even more special, there is a story behind it.  But I'm not telling.  Choosing instead to keep it close to my heart.  The Oldest Princess chose the Micky Mouse dangle charm, maybe because we are going to see old Micky before too long, and My Prince choose the two interlocking hearts charm.  It is beautiful!  Have I mentioned lately that I am blessed?  Beyond measure?

My Prince grilled chicken, and we had chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.  Since it's Mother's Day weekend, I got to choose what we watched tonight, and I chose a Hallmark movie.  Payback for having to watch sports on Father's day weekend.  The girls loved it.  My men, not so much.

My Prince and the Youngest Princess both complained with bad headaches.  I gave the Youngest Princess some medicine, and hers seemed to get better.  My Prince had to go to bed for a while to help get rid of his, and rest up before he got back up to put the finishing touches on his sermon for tomorrow.

Now the kids are watching television, and I am finishing up here.  I think I will wash up the few dishes that are still in the sink, and call it a night.

Until tomorrow...(or the next time I have time to sit down and catch you up)...

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