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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016

This morning about 3:40, I realized that someone was going down the stairs.  It turned out to be the Young Prince.  He could not sleep, because he could not breathe.  Anytime my men cut the grass or work in the yard, they have terrible allergies, and his allergies/sinuses had him stopped completely up.  Poor thing.  My Prince went downstairs and got him some medicine.  I prayed for the medicine to act quickly, so the Young Prince could breathe comfortably, and get some sleep.

Before I knew it, it was time to get up.  I read my First 5 devotion.  It was about how Peter had a breakthrough and realized that the Gospel was for both the Jew and the Gentile.  We need to be careful that we do not have prejudices in our own lives that limit the work of the Holy Spirit.

School went well.  One of my sweet students brought me a beautiful rose.  We had plenty of time to get everything done today, as we are winding down the year, and have completely finished with two of our subjects.  I worked hard to get some grades done, and pulled certificates for the awards ceremony at the end of the year.  So I feel like I was able to get several things accomplished today, to help make the end of the year go smoothly.  I will have more to do this year with the Oldest Princess graduating, so I am trying to get as much done ahead of time as possible.  And I still feel like I am drowning in my "things to get done" list.  And I still feel like I'm ten steps behind where I need to be. It is a little overwhelming at times.  But we will get through.  Everything may not be perfect, but it will be done with love and that is what matters.

I was able to get one thing that I have been working on for several weeks finished today.  And that is one less thing to think about.  But now, I have to wait to present it, and I am not sure that I can do that.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I came home.  The two oldest kiddos had to stay at school for a while for play practice.  The Youngest Princess played school while I worked on my blog for a few minutes. My sister-in-law called and we talked about the Graduation party and made some plans.  Then My Prince got home, and he brought strawberries.  Yay!  I washed a handful and quickly dipped some in chocolate and ate them before we left to go and meet the kids at the school.

We picked up the oldest two from school and headed out to the airport to pick up Poppy.  I made a side trip to the restroom, and then joined the kids.  The Young Prince caught me up on what I had missed.  The University of something or other's track and field team had just passed by, or some of them anyway, and there was a reunion going on on the other side of a big sign, and someone was crying.  I told him I was thankful to him for catching me up on what I had missed.  I love that kid!

We were standing there waiting on Poppy to come down the escalator, when a lady came down and said, "Oh, I wish you were my people!  You all are so cute!"  Her sweet comment made my day!  I want to remember how much a sweet comment can mean to someone, and I want to remember to spread the love!

Poppy arrived and  was greeted by hugs all around.  We went down and waited on his luggage.  The Youngest Princess surprised us all by getting one of the bags even though Poppy thought it was too heavy for her.  She insisted on pulling it all the way to the car.

We stopped for a wonderful dinner, that Poppy bought us.  Thank You, Poppy!  And then we did a little shopping, while Poppy added minutes to his phone.  A friend text us and asked if we could do a few more decorations for VBS.  She also asked me if I would do a special VBS blog.  How fun!  I told her I would.  So now, I need to figure out the best way to get that done.  I am excited about it!

We all headed home.  Poppy got his luggage and his truck and headed to his new home away from home.  Some friends of ours have graciously offered their pool house for Grammy and Poppy to stay in while they are home this time.  Have I mentioned that we are blessed?  

I brought the Youngest Princess in the house to get her ready for bed.  My Prince drove the oldest two back to the school to get their cars, because we had forgotten that we picked them up from play practice and that their cars were still at the school.

Now we are all home and everyone is ready for some rest.  So, rest we will.

Until tomorrow...

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