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Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

I woke up this morning, and began getting ready for church.  It was a fairly smooth morning as far as Sunday mornings go around here.

We got to church, and while I was walking by the nursery, I spotted some friends of ours, who normally go to a different church, dropping their daughter off in the nursery.  I chatted with them for a while, and then they went to Sunday School with me.

Sunday School was good.  It was about Jesus being the 'living stone" in 1 Peter.

During the main service, we recognized our high school and college Seniors.  The Oldest Princess and one of her sweet friends, C, dressed in their graduation caps and gowns and went down front to be recognized.  Our youth pastor told a little about each girl, and then gave a short speech, and almost made me cry.  Then they presented them with a devotional, and had all of the family members of each girl come forward to join the girls for a prayer.  It was very sweet.  Then I looked out in the congregation, and one of my sweet friends was crying!  I told her after the service that there was to be no more of that!  She, as my friend was supposed to be strong, and help me not to cry.  She was not supposed to cry and make me cry!  And about that time another sweet friend who was in the choir, and behind me, came up and said that she was crying too!  I told them they can not do that anymore.  They have to be strong and help me to be strong.

My Prince preached a great second message in his Family Matters series.  Parents, we are responsible for the spiritual training of our children.  Yes, the church helps, but we are the primary source.  If God is not moving in our hearts, and not a priority in our lives, then how can we expect Him to move or be a priority in our children's hearts and lives?  It was very good, and he almost made me cry at the end.  But I held it together.

The Youngest Princess went home with a friend for the afternoon.

We went to the fellowship hall to have lunch and a VBS meeting.  It was a fun time of fellowship, organization, and fun (there were door prizes).

After the meeting, we came home.  The kids pretty much had time to change clothes and head back to the church.  I had time to sit down and organize my thoughts for the small group study that started tonight.  Our friends who were there this morning, text to see what kind of classes we had available.  I invited her to join our group that was just starting, and told her we could there was a group her husband could join.  She told me she would see me there.

We got ready and went back to church.  We had the first meeting of our small group, and I really enjoyed it.  It was kind of a preview, as we will do our first lesson this week.  I have been looking forward to doing this study, and so I am very excited about it.

Then, during the service, the teen praise and worship team led worship.  I know two of them are mine, but I think they all did a great job.  It takes a lot for those kids to get up there in front of everyone and lead worship.  I am so thankful for their willing hearts, and their courage to use their talents for the Lord.

My Father-in-Law preached.  He preached from John 1, on John the Baptist, and how his identity was in Christ and his purpose was to make Christ known.  Just as our identity should be in Christ, and our purpose should be to make Him known.

After church, we went out to eat with Poppy.  I enjoyed the family time as always, and the food was not too bad either.

We ran by the store to pick up a few things, including one very expensive bottle of fingernail polish.  The Oldest Princess must learn to use the little scanner things when something does not have a clearly marked price.  And then we came home.

We did our nightly routine, and now the Youngest Princess is waiting impatiently on me to read to her, so I will go and do just that.

Until tomorrow...

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