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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23 - May 26, 2016 (Playing Catch Up Again)

Monday May 23 - That was actually the last day I blogged, but I blogged that morning about everything that had gone on during graduation and the graduation celebration.  I had fully planned on getting back on and blogging that night, but it did not happen.  From what I can remember, most of that day was spent resting and getting ready for our trip.  The Oldest Princess was babysitting some of our friend's children and they came over and played for a couple of hours.  Other than that, I can't remember much that is newsworthy.

Tuesday May 24 - The Oldest Princess got up to go babysit again. She came over a little later, and the Youngest Princess stayed home with her.  My Prince, the Young Prince and I all went shopping to pick up some last minute things for our trip.  We found everything we needed, stopped and ate lunch, and then came home.  That about covers it for that day.

Wednesday May 25 - I spent the day washing up the last minute things everyone in the family wanted to take with them on the trip, and getting everything packed and ready to go.

Thursday May 26 - We woke up early, and got ready and packed everything in the car.  At which point My Prince realized that his choice of my giant suitcase was not going to work.   We had an extra person going with us (the Oldest Princess's friend), and there was no way he was going to get all that luggage in the car, and still have room for everyone to sit.  So, he ran back upstairs to change from my giant suitcase to his duffle bag.  He is awesome, and he made it work.  What a man!  We all loaded in, and we were off!  

We made it to a fast food restaurant where we were going to meet some friends of ours who were going on the trip with us.  All of us girls ran in for a last minute restroom break, and My Prince went through the drive through to get us all something for breakfast.  Our friends were already there eating their breakfast.  We talked to them for a few minutes while they finished up, and then we did a kid swap - our Youngest Princess for their oldest son.  And we were off!  

I made sure that everyone had motion sickness medicine in their systems.  Maybe this was not the best idea for the Oldest Princess's friend.  She had not been sleeping well the last couple of nights, and she was exhausted, and even though it was the "less drowsy formula" motion sickness medicine, it knocked her out cold.  She slept a good 90% of the 11 hour drive.  Bless her heart!  But I was glad that she was getting rest, so that she would have energy for our trip.

We finally made it to our hotel and got settled in as quickly as possible.  We lost an hour in travel, so it was time for us to get to dinner and get the kids in bed, because the really exciting part of our trip started the next day, and we wanted the kids rested up.

We talked to the people at the front desk and decided on a place to eat dinner.  We walked to where we were going to eat.  We ate and fellowshipped and had a good time.  Then we walked back to the hotel.  There was one scary moment when we thought that we would all die, but God protected us, and we survived.

Back at the hotel, we got the little kids and the men settled, and then my friend and I went to the Youngest Princess's and her friend's room and played Dutch Blitz.  My friend had never played before, but she did a great job at picking it up and fit right in with us  - cards flying everywhere, stabbing people with fingernails, etc.  It is always great fun!  We, being women, of course stopped and talked a lot in between games.

We had decided to play to a certain time, and then get some rest ourselves.  All too soon the time came for us to quit.  And we all went our separate ways to get some sleep.  So we could let the real fun begin the next day.

The Young Prince and My Prince were watching a basketball game when I got to our room, and the Youngest Princess was sound asleep.  I quickly joined her.

Until I finish the next blog...

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