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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 27, 2016 - The Disney Cruise Begins! (And a few things I forgot to add from Thursday)

We woke up with our alarm and began to get ready.  Everything moved fairly smoothly, and we were out the door when we wanted to be.

We met the Oldest Princess and her friend whom we will deem the Adopted Princess in the hall, and started down to the lobby.  The Adopted Princess said that she wanted to go to the desk and pay for a water she took last night.  The girls had gone down to get some ice.  They, being aware of their surroundings, had noticed a guy that made them uncomfortable.  So they were in a hurry to get out of there.  The Adopted Princess picked up a bottle of water and in her nervousness walked out without paying for it.  She did not even think about it again until that morning when she wanted another water and wondered how much they cost.  Then it hit her that she had "stolen" the water from the night before.

So, we stopped by the front desk for her to get another water and to pay for the one she took last night.  That way she would no longer be a "criminal".  LOL!  I love it that she has a conscience.  So many kids today do not.  And they would not have even mentioned it, much less tried to make it right.  I was proud of her for doing the right thing.  But we still teased her about being a "criminal" off and on.

While she was taking care of that, My Prince, the Young Prince and the Oldest Princess were playing and being silly in the lobby.  I gently scolded them, and they continued.  At which time the Youngest Princess looked at me and said, "Kids!"  I told her I knew, and that I was glad I had at least one grown-up on this trip with me - LOL!

There was an older couple sitting there in the lobby, quietly observing all of our craziness.  My Prince noticed them and said, "Good morning!"  The lady replied, "You are from the South aren't you?"  My Prince then told her where we were from.  They ended up being from Pennsylvania.  Out in the country. We made a little more small talk with them, and then we left.  I wonder what made her reply that way though?  Was it his accent?  Or was it his friendliness?  I guess I will never know.

We got to the car, and loaded up and our friends came out shortly thereafter.  And we got on our way again.

Rewind for a minute - We have a silly app that lets us communicate as a family, and add memes and pictures and funny things.  What else do you do on a long car ride?  Anyway, since we were about to go on a Disney Cruise...Well, I thought I would go with the Disney theme.  I started two days out with a picture of the pool deck of our ship and the words, "I'm too excited to sleep!"

Followed by a GIF of the tick-toc croc from Peter Pan dancing and splashing the water with the words, "Two days!!!!"

The next morning, My Prince put a meme with Monster's Inc.'s Sully and Mike saying, "We've created a monster!"

The next day I put a GIF of Giselle from Enchanted acting all excited with the words, "One more day!"  The Young prince jumped in with a dog laying on the floor with a unicorn mask on its head with the words, "My dog found my unicorn mask".  That afternoon, I added a GIF of Rapunzel dancing around with the words, "I'm so excited!"  The Young Prince quickly shot back with a picture of Kevin Garnett, from a State Farm commercial, with his eyes bulging and the words, "Really now?"

Thursday morning, I added a GIF of Ana from Frozen acting excited and the words, "Yes!  It's go time!".  To which the Young Prince responded with a picture of a different basketball player from the same State Farm commercial, sitting in a high chair, with the words, "No more memes!"  I responded with a GIF from Inside Out of Sadness crying.

Then things were quiet for a while on the app until we were following our friends on Thursday, and I got a strange text from her, saying something like, (Husband's name here) said we will be in (city name here), we'll wait on you...jk.  So My Prince and I are wondering what in the world that could mean, when the truck we were following turned into an apartment complex, and we realized that we were not following our friends like we thought!  Somehow, we had started following a different truck! We were laughing at ourselves and trying to find a place to turn around and find our friends.  I found a picture of meerkats looking in different directions and added the words, "Us. Trying to find the (family name of our friends).  The Young Prince put a picture of a Sponge Bob character (I think, I'm not sure, because we don't watch that show) with the words, "Stop making memes!"  We got on the right track and quickly found our friends again.  And we made sure we followed the correct truck the rest of the way.

My Prince thought of something that he had forgotten and asked our friends if there was a convenient place to stop, could we stop and let him run in to buy what he had forgotten to pack.  They said sure, they are awesome that way.  They found a place to stop, but their GPS took us around the world to get there.  My Prince ran in to buy the said forgotten item, and the rest of us sat in the car, or got out and stretched our legs, waiting on him.  I took the opportunity to find a GIF of Alice in Wonderland with her chin in her hand drumming her fingers on the side of her face, and added the words "Waiting on dad got me like..." The kids thought that one was funny.  We were talking about it, and I told them we needed to add the Adopted Princess to our group, so she would know what was going on.  We added her to the group, and I found a GIF of Snow White happily clapping her hands and added the words, "Welcome (Adopted Princess's name)!"  They were laughing and calling me the "Queen of Memes", so I found a picture of the Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland, smiling smugly and added the words, "Queen of Memes.  That's me!"  The Young Prince responded with a weird picture of Leo DiCaprio sticking out his tongue.  Then a GIF of Bernie Sanders making a disgusted face with the words, "Reading Mom's memes."  To which my sweet Oldest Princess texted "Mom, I love your memes."  And then another text with four hearts.  The Young Prince shot back with a GIF of some actor I don't know looking over his shoulder with a angry face and the words, "Kiss up."  We let it rest for a little while after that!

It was about two hours later when we all decided on a place to eat.  I was excited because I hadn't eaten breakfast, and I was hungry.  I found a GIF of Winnie the Pooh sitting at a table with his spoon and knife in his hands, dancing in his chair.  I added the words, "When I'm on a long trip and they say it is time to stop for lunch."

That evening, as we were almost to our hotel, the Adopted Princess roused a little from her motion sickness medicine slumber and I found a GIF of Boo from Monster's Inc. sleepily blinking her eyes and added the words, "(Adopted Princess's name) be like".  Everyone thought that was funny too, because she seriously was having a hard time staying awake.  And because I rarely intentionally use improper grammar.

We saw several crazy drivers, and the Oldest Princess found a GIF from a TMNT cartoon of a woman driving crazy and added the words, "Drivers in Florida".  It was true.  Some of those people drive like they are nuts!

When we got to our hotel, My Prince found a GIF of a pixilated boy in bed with z's coming out like he was asleep, and added the words, "I need..."

I found a picture of one of the Disney castles, and added the words, "Stick to the theme people!" to remind them that we were supposed to be doing a Disney theme, because we were after all on a Disney vacation, and when you are on a Disney vacation, everything is Disney!

All was then quiet on the app front until we got in bed that night.  I took a picture of the Youngest Princess sound asleep and added the words, "Goodnight!  May visions of Disney Cruises dance in your heads."

The Oldest Princess sent a GIF of the young Rapunzel dreamily looking out the window of her tower and added the words, "Thanks Mom!!!!"  Then a text that said, "Good night, all."

My Prince added "That's sweet!"

The Adopted Princess jumped in with a picture of Sleepy the dwarf and the words, "Goodnight...sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite."

The Young Prince responded with a GIF of some mean looking tiger thing (maybe from Kung Fu Panda?) jumping at the camera.  Then a text of "Sleep tight."   The Oldest Princess responded to her brother with a text that said, "Wow!!"

My Prince sent a GIF of Flynn Ryder doing his smolder and the words, "Good night, my darling."

The Young Prince sent a GIF of some guy sitting up in bed and shooting out the overhead light (I think he was getting tired of our fun and games.)

My Prince added a random GIF of Doug from Up and the words, "I hate squirrels!"

The Oldest Princess was a little slow in responding to the Flynn Ryder one a little earlier, but sent a text saying, "Get another chat "room" going if you're going to do that." Followed by two laughing, crying faces.  That was it for the night.  We all went to sleep.

Now back to Thursday - When we got back on the road, I found a GIF of a raccoon (not Disney themed, I know) stealing cat food from a bowl.  I added the words, "(Adopted Princess's name) stealing water".  I told you we still picked on her about it.

She responded with a GIF of Mulan sadly wiping her face.

That was the end of our back and forth for a while.  My main focus at that point was finding a restroom.  I had drank my Plexus that morning, and I needed to find a bathroom and find one pretty quickly. Unfortunately for me, there was not one for the next 20 something miles.  We took the first exit we could that had any civilization, and I was never so glad to see a McDonalds in my whole life.

After that, we were back in the car and over the bridge and could see our ship.  It was very exciting!! Our friends said that they were surprised that we could not hear their girls squealing from their car. Maybe we didn't because I was squealing in our car.  I was a little bit excited too!

Our first view of the Disney Dream

Our picture in front of the Disney Dream from the parking garage

We got there and parked relatively quickly.  We got our luggage and got in line.  The porters came around and picked up our luggage, and we did not have to worry about it any more.

We got through several more lines and then had to wait until it was time to get on the ship.  Our friends who made it through the line a little faster than we did, came over and told us that they had been chosen as the Disney family of the day!  How cool is that!?!  They had a special table for them to sit at, and they stood them at the entrance of the walkway to the ship and announced them as the Disney family of the day.  By this time the two other families who were traveling with us had caught up to us.  They took us all back to have one big group family picture taken, and then individual family pictures made. Then they put us in a side waiting area while they announced our friends as the family of the day. Our friends were the first family allowed on the boat, and then they allowed the rest of our group to board, before anyone else.  It was really cool!

The kids waiting to get on the ship.  They are a little excited.

They announce each family as they embark.  This is one of the families in our group.

We divided and conquered from that point.  Some of us went to get deck chairs and tables and the rest of us went to get tickets for the princess meet and greet, and the Elsa and Ana meet and greet.  It worked!  We were able to get deck chairs and tickets and everyone was happy.

We had all either worn our suits, or changed into them as soon as we got on the ship, and several of us got in line for the Aqua-Duck as fast as we could.  We were some of the very first people in line. The little girls were very excited.  My friend and I were a little excited too.  It was fun!  The little guy working at the beginning of the line had an accent as he was from a different country.  I asked him where the ride would end.  He was showing me where all it would go and I was nodding and saying yes, and trying to understand him, when I heard him say, "...and will come out on this side in the ocean."  I am still nodding and saying yes when my brain registered what he said, and I said, "Wait! No!  No, ocean!"  He belly laughed at me and said, "I trick you my friend!  No ocean.  No ocean."

We rode it.  It was fun.  But the water was very cold!  There were several dips that I had not expected, I got several good splashes, but my friend who sat in the back got drenched.  We got off laughing.  I am glad I did it at very first, because I never did get a chance to do it again.  We were just so busy from that point on.

Someone found some shrimp cocktail in the buffet line, and I had to get some of that.  It was delicious.

We found a throne, and My Prince had to take a picture of him sitting in it.  There is actually a funny story about this throne, but we will save it for the day it happened.

The older girls relaxed on the deck.  The boys went exploring, and the little girls played in the water. When everyone was finally onboard, they had the Sailing Away party.  The ships horn played, "A dream is a wish your heart makes", and "Do you want to build a snowman?" and several other Disney tunes, and then we were off!

Sailing Away party.

We went to our rooms where our luggage was waiting for us, to get ready for dinner.

Our first night, we ate in the Enchanted Garden dining room.  It is patterned after the gardens of Versailles, France.  I tried the Lobster Ravioli for my appetizer, and Sea Bass for my main dish.  I had some kind of chocolate/apricot torte for dessert.  It was all good.  May not ever order them again, but they were all edible.  I did not go hungry.  I told them I had been adventurous the first night, but that I would probably not be quite so adventurous the rest of the trip.

The Youngest Princess asked me if she could order the salmon.  I told her yes, but that I was afraid she would not like it, so she should probably go ahead and order the pizza in the event that she didn't like it. She was at a different table from me - we put the little girls at one table, and the big kids at another table, and the adults at the last table - so I told her that she could order anything she wanted on that menu.  And, if she didn't like what she ordered, that they would get her something else.  So, she ordered the Grilled Salmon Steak, and the pizza just in case.  After a while, she got my attention across our table and hers and said with an unhappy look on her face while pointing to her plate, "Mom, there is NOTHING STEAK about this!  It is completely salmon!"  I thought I would die!  The baby ordered "Grilled Salmon Steak" thinking she was going to get STEAK!!!  I told her to go ahead and eat her pizza, and to order the steak the next night.  It was too funny!

The big kids had a fantastic time at their table.  I had mentioned to one of the other mothers as we sat down at our table how nice it was to be able to put all of kids at a different table and not have to worry about them misbehaving, because they were a great group of kids.  They knew how to behave and did a great job.  Their waiter played a few games with them and they relaxed and had a great time.  Our waiter did a great job as well.  I love that they learn what you like, and that they move from one restaurant to another with you.  My Prince said, "We came as strangers, but we are leaving as family."

The Youngest Princess enjoying her Micky shaped Ice Cream

Some of the older girls at dinner

Somewhere along the way, while I was doing something else, My Prince and the Youngest Princess got to see Minnie Mouse.

After dinner we went to the main show called "The Golden Mickey's".  It was cute.  I think the Little Mermaid part was my favorite.  And in that part, the starfish was my favorite.   It made me think that we REALLY need a starfish character for VBS!

Captain Thor came out and told us that there was a tropical disturbance that was causing a little bit of rough waters, but he anticipated that by mid-night, that all would calm down.  It was a little rough, but not too terribly bad.  I just encouraged everyone to keep taking motion sickness medicine.  Not the one that made the Adopted Princess so sleepy, but a different brand that did not cause drowsiness. And that was the worst part as far as roughness went. The rest was pretty much smooth sailing.

The Oldest Princess and the Adopted Princess.  I love their shirts!

The Adopted Princess has never been to Disney World before, so we went to the Rapunzel and Belle meet and greet, to have their pictures made with them.  We loved Rapunzel.  She was fabulous and very much in character the entire time.  Belle, not so much.  She lacked personality, and almost seemed "put out" to be there. Maybe it was just that Rapunzel was so good. Anyway, it was fun getting to meet them.

The Youngest Princess with Rapunzel

The Older Princesses with Rapunzel

The Youngest Princess with Belle

The Older Princesses with Belle

By that time, we were all pretty much done for.  We decided to go back to our rooms and get some rest.  We were greeted by really fun towel art and chocolates when we returned to our rooms.

The door to the Older Princesses's room - Thank you Mrs. N for the graduate Micky for the door!  It was perfect!

Our cool crab and chocolates

The girls got a cute little duck and some chocolates as well.

We had some dolphins to meet the next day, and we were very excited about it, so we all were asleep pretty quickly.

Until I blog again...(which will be soon, before I forget all the good stuff!)

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