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Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

I'll make this short and sweet and spare you most of the details, because it is late and I am exhausted.
5/12 - Thursday
            - First 5
            - School (teacher appreciation continues, I received a beautiful bag, with matching make-up
               bag, and a cup with my initial on it- awesome and just in time for an upcoming trip!)
            - Home from school - brought an extra munchkin with us
            - Tumbling -took an extra munchkin with us
            - Fast food dinner - extra munchkin still hanging out with us
            - Back to school for high school play - extra munchkin with us, until we met up with her mom
            - Home to bed

5/13 - Friday
            - First 5
            - School
            - Home
            - Modge-podge for dinner
            - Back to school for high school play - Met Poppy there (tonight was my favorite    
            - My prince left to go to the hospital to be with some of our church members whose newborn
               baby is having problems and has been put on a ventilator (all prayers greatly appreciated)
            - Photo shoot/autograph session with the cast members
            - McDonald's because the kids were starving
            - Home to eat, blog, wait on My Prince to get home, and get some rest
            - My prince came home and said the baby is doing well.  Babies do better on ventilators than
               most folks do.  So that was good news.  Please continue to pray for this family and
               their sweet baby!
            - Until tomorrow...

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