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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

I took half of a Benadryl last night, so it was harder than normal for me to get up this morning.  But I did get up, and do my First 5 devotion. Then I got ready for my day.

Today at school was a little different than normal.  I got there and hit the ground running.  I had quite a bit to accomplish and a very little time to get it done.  First we had the Bible test.  We were able to get it and the verse test done before we went to chapel.

In chapel, they announced the winners of the Daughters of the Republic essay contest that the 6th graders entered.  And each participant received a certificate.

After chapel, we went back to class and the kids took their math test.  By the time they all finished their math test, it was time for us to go to snack.

After snack, we got back to the room, and the kids took their reading vocabulary quiz.  Then we had time to do a couple Mad Libs before they left for their Music field trip.  The Music and Band teacher took them to a local nursing home, where they played their band instruments and sang for the residents.

I used that time to organize an upcoming field trip, take down some maps that one of the high school teachers told me I could use, and paint a star for the student who earned the "$75" for her star today.

As soon as the students returned, we went to lunch.  We ate quickly, and then went to the gym to watch a dress rehearsal of the High School play.  It was very hot in the gym.  The play was cute.  I look forward to seeing it tomorrow night and Friday night, after they have worked out all the bugs, and when the lighting and costumes are in full swing.  After the play, I had a bad headache, and we still had an hour of school left.

We went back to the class and did Spelling, and Penmanship.  I was also able to get one of my students caught up on math and some penmanship.

Then it was time to come home.  When we got home, the Youngest Princess went upstairs to watch a movie, and I put away some dishes and washed strawberries to dip in chocolate when My Prince and Poppy got home.  Then I took some medicine for my head and laid down on the couch and took a quick cat nap before everyone else got home.

When My Prince and Poppy got home, I went to work on the strawberries, and My Prince started frying bacon, and sausage and put some biscuits in the oven.  The Oldest Princess got home and she fried a couple of eggs for Poppy.  Then we scrambled some eggs and sat down to eat.  The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince had to go to church for Praise Team practice.  My Prince and Poppy followed them shortly thereafter, and the Youngest Princess followed them all a few minutes later.

Tonight we wrapped up our Leviticus study.  And tomorrow we will start on Acts.  I am still going to meet with this group, and I will be doing what I can of this study, but I will be mainly focusing on a Sunday night group that starts this Sunday night.  We are going to go through the book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss entitled Lies Women Believe.  I read the book a few months ago, and it was really good.  I learned a lot, and I look forward to sharing, and learning and growing with this group of ladies.

After church, the kids and I came home.  My Prince had a deacon's meeting.  I took some more medicine, because I am still not feeling well, and the Youngest Princess and I are headed to bed to get some rest.  It was a good day.

Until tomorrow...

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