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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday - With Help...

And here they are...some of the things you all are thankful for on Thankful Thursday :-)! But first, I am thankful for those of you who were willing to share your blessings with the rest of us. It truly has blessed my heart to read them...especially since some of them are things that I have had the privilege of praying for. I love you all! And thank you again for sharing!

*A husband that is blessed with the ability to fix things. My HE4 washer for example. Praise the Lord, no laundromat, no big repair bill, no having to purchase a new washer! -Pam T.

*A great start to our first year of homeschooling. Looking forward to spending more time with my daughter, learning along side her and watching her grow in her faith and her education. - Michelle

*The little things
*That God saves marriages. He knows just how to get people's attention in ways that matter in their marriage. - Pam H.

*The privilege to be a part of our school's first 6 man football team, and the chance to represent Him on the field and in the classroom. - The young prince

*The world we live on
*A brother and sister to play with, so I don't have to play by myself
*Mom and Dad
*The food we eat
*The house we live in
*The family we have
*The friends we have
*The clothes we wear - The littlest princess

*A job where I can openly share my faith and encourage and guide my students using the Word of God
*That I can appeal to their consciences because of the lessons they have been taught through scripture
*For the family of a sick child that is able to be together because of the Superintendant of Education who saw their need, and met it with grace and compassion - Christa

*God who is a forgiving savior
*A wonderful family
*My grandmother who is very strong and has an amazing will to live, and for the moments I am able to share with her that I will always treasure.
*My job, when so many are without one
*My health
*Even for the extra "fluff" on my body, because it means that I have plenty to eat :-) - Lisa

*My two precious, healthy grandchildren
*A great husband and children
*Amazing parents - Debra

*For specific answers to prayers
*That God is a God of provision, giving exactly what we need, when we need it.
*Thankful that He is the best friend I could ever have.
*For my salvation
*For a God who knows me and loves me anyway
*Thankful that He doesn't judge, and that He knows my heart
*Thankful that He does not judge, or hold my children accountable for circumstances in life in which they have no control
*For tribulations that shape us into who He wants us to be - Dawn

*For faithful prayers for my family that I could actually feel - Rachel

*That a parent of one of our teens was baptized Sunday
*That one of our teens was baptized Sunday
*Opportunities to serve
*A godly heritage
*Being the first to purchase tickets to the movie Courageous at the theater in our area
*Children who are concerned about their relationships with Christ -Marc

*Parents that come to most of my games and are there to support me
*Parents who are godly and encourage me to do right - The oldest princess

*For the right to express my faith and beliefs in school - James

*Purple toenails!
*"I Spy" with a little beauty
*Special talks with my blossoming beauty
*Tickle matches with my little men
*Spell check :-) - Jennifer

*That my children are teaching my grandchildren to be followers and not just fans of Jesus Christ - Paula

*Laundry - Mounds and mounds of it. My daily reminder of the great provision of my Lord. The money He provides to buy the clothes, water and electricity. Along with the beautiful family He has blessed me with...without whom, the mountainous task would not even appear -Julia

Awesome job everyone!! Now keep it up! Look for something each day that you can be thankful for. But don't stop at just being thankful...Praise the Lord for who He is and all He does!

Psalms 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Join us for Thankful Thursdays!! Praising the Lord, and giving Him thanks on a regular basis will change your heart. Try it and see!

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