Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for...

*Children who love each other, and for the most part get along together


*God's timing, and seeing God's hand move

*Resources to help someone in need


*The young prince's confidence and smile after running in the extra point

*The coaches that let him have the chance

*His teammates who encouraged him, and then celebrated with guys are THE best!!

*Saturday morning snuggles with the youngest princess

*A movie worthy of our time, that the whole family can watch, and learn from

*Birthday party fun with a very special young man

*Medicine that makes a headache go away

*A teacher that gives multiple chances

*Time to clean

*An afternoon with time to help the young prince with his homework

*Dinner at home

*The humor of the youngest princess that keeps us all laughing

*The sweet understanding spirit of the oldest princess

*The friend who left surprise fall decorations

*Healthy children

*The noise when the house is full of busy people

*The calm that falls when all have gone to sleep

*Rest for the weary

*Friends who believe in standing up for what is right, and instilling values in the lives of their children. Even when it's really tough to do so.

*A small favor from a friend that was a blessing in the youngest princess' life

*A great time with an incredible group of Ignite teens

Thank You, Lord, for these blessings from this week, and for the many many more not mentioned here. Your love and care overwhelms me on a daily basis! You are an awesome God!

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