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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday (Afternoon)

I love, love, love keeping my list throughout the week, reading back over it several times, and adding to it as Thursday approaches. It's been a busy week, and Thursday actually slipped up faster than normal, so I apologize for the later than usual posting. Here are a sampling of the things I am thankful for from this week.

*A super special lady to stand in as grandma for our littlest princess for Grandparents Day at school.

*A volleyball win!!

*The HUGE smile after the successful down ball

*A special talk with my favorite niece

*Making someone happy

*A football win!!

*Super fellowship and lots of laughs with friends

*An unexpected blessing

*A sleepy little princess

*Encouragement from an unexpected source

*One more hug from my mother (of course it was only in a dream, but it was very realistic, and I'm very thankful for it.)

*Several young people and young adults that I have talked to lately that truly have a heart for serving the Lord - So exciting to see!

*Beautiful weather

*Playing children

*Hummingbirds(lots of them)to feed

*The joy of watching the hummingbirds with the littlest princess

*The neighbor dog, that has decided to be friendly, instead of standing at the edge of the yard barking every time we are outside. Maybe she was just asking to come over and play :-)

*That the same dog is also friendly to our cats

*Taking pictures, and capturing moments

*Classroom parents that are supportive

*A full room each Wednesday night at Ignite

*A healthy family

*A precious marriage that is truly a gift from God that I treasure

*Friends that are not afraid to share struggles and encouragements

For these blessings, and SO many more...I am thankful to God!

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