Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My Thankful list this week includes, but is in no way limited to...

*Safe travels

*Sleeping late

*Spending the day with family

*A neat experience for the young prince

*Awesome older cousins who plan fun activities for my children

*Colored cookie dough, the entertainment it provides, and the cool cousin who provided the cookie dough

*A wonderful husband who is a man of honesty and integrity

*A front porch visit with a sweet aunt - oh, for more precious times like this!

*A totally worn out youngest princess at the end of a very busy day

*Church with my aunts

*The fact that the youngest princess pushed through her fear, and served the Lord

*Shaking the hands of men who bravely fought for the freedom we enjoy, and too often take for granted

*A plastic pool, and the entertainment it provides for the youngest princess

*A cool aunt and uncle who go above and beyond to create fun for my children

*A balmy breeze on a very hot day

*A way to communicate with our loved ones who are far away

*Jobs that help my children learn and grow

*Friends who step in and "fill the gap"

*An awesome husband who goes above and beyond to help me out

*A day filled with with family, fun, and laughter, and thankfully no trips to the ER

*A new recipe that was very good

*Cough medicine

*A daughter who is considerate, and loves others

*For creams that help cracked toes to heal, and creams that help make rashes go away - The youngest princess has had quite a go of it lately

*For older cousins who take the time to play with the youngest princess

*For a message from another nephew

*For time with the oldest princess, and beautiful pictures

*For fish, frogs, and worms...and relatives who aren't afraid to touch them all

*For butterflies, and dragonflies

*For being at the right place, at the right time

*For memories we will always have, even when time and circumstances change things

*For watching the youngest princess teach someone how to play a game

*For the sound of my husband's voice

*For summertime, and country days that make us lose track of time

For all of the above, and much, much, more...Thank You, Lord!

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