Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things to be thankful for! And all the thanks and praise go to God, the one who gives only good gifts!

*For a friend who taught me how to use a COOL new app in my classroom...oh the possibilities!!

*For a day off :-)

*For a fun evening with friends

*For the young prince getting to go to a friend's house

*For carpet cleaner that gets the goo out...literally. Especially when it's a friend's carpet!

*For a fun birthday party on a beautiful day

*For bugs, butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and fish

*For time to just sit and chat with the oldest princess

*That the young prince still needs me, even though he's growing up, and those times are fewer and farther between

*For books that challenge me

*For help doing the yard work - I couldn't have done it without them!

*For a wonderful husband, and the burden he carries for others

*For a good night's rest

*For another precious family joining our church family

*For a basket of goodies from my class

*For a new life God has placed in my path, and their willingness to listen to His Word

*For two beautiful pots of Lillies from my class

*For a friend's openness and trust

*For fun "stuff" for my classroom from my class

*For the youngest princess and her excitement about her graduation

*For the chance to love on some sweet babies

*For a sweet prayer by the youngest princess, prayed from her heart,that showed me she put her friend above herself, and set an example for me to remember to do the same

*For a greater hunger for the things of God

*For precious little kittens, and being able to see first hand how God gave the Momma Kitty the instinctive ability to care for them

*For a middle of the day visit from the young prince

*For finding the owner of the lost wallet

*For a chance to see rare, completely selfless love in action

*For the youngest princess' chance to be a blessing, and for her teachers who made it possible

*For a definite number of days until we get to see Grammy and Poppy again

*For my Prince feeling better again

*For the rain that helps to wash the abundance of pollen away

For all of this, and many more blessings from the Lord, I am thankful!

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