Two Tiaras and a Sword

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pedicures and Prayers

The girls and I, and my sister-in-love got pedicures this morning, at a very nice nail salon that even had a youngest princess sized pink chair with butterfly wings.

It was a delightful experience. We all picked out our colors, and sat down to be pampered. The lady who did the youngest princess was great with her, and her nails and toes are adorable. Mine were finished after hers, so instead of making her move and mess up her nails, I tried to scoot around her (in a very tight space) and I royally messed up my left big toe...yes, the one that had the fancy little painted flower painstakingly hand-painted on just mere seconds before by the man who did my pedicure.

I hated to have to tell him, and I felt REALLY bad about it, but tell him I did. He wasn't very happy with me, but I apologized profusely, and hopefully he recovered from having his artwork smeared and ruined, and then having to start all over and do it again.

So after all of that was said and done, and we were waiting for everyone else to finish up, the youngest princess noticed a large golden Buddah statue on the counter. It had something written in a different language on the front of it. She asked me if I knew what it said, and I told her that I did not. She wanted me to ask the person behind the counter, and I told her no.

As we were leaving, the owner of the nail salon came out behind us. As I got in the car I noticed that he had bent over and was standing up. I thought maybe he was picking up trash. About that same time, my sister-in-love said that he had laid down some incense. He stood up with his hands together and his eyes closed, and prayed on the sidewalk in front of his store.

I was instantly convicted. I am a Christian. I believe in, love, and serve the one, true God. Yet I don't know if I would have the courage to do what that man did, as boldly as he did it. I teach about Daniel praying three times a day, but do I have that kind of courage? I WANT to have that kind of courage. Dearly want it, but have I exhibited it with my life? I plan to be more deliberate (not pushy or in your face, but just more deliberate) in how I live out my faith in front of those around me. So, with God's help, that is a goal I have renewed today.

And I am glad that when I make mistakes, even unintentional ones, God doesn't get upset with me. He just removes the polish, and begins again, even if He had just done a beautiful job mere seconds before. Isn't it wonderful to know that we serve a merciful, and longsuffering God!

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