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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for from the past week:

*For broken hearts that spur us on to have compassion, and to pray harder for certain people and situations

*For a fun field trip with some pretty awesome fourth and fifth graders - and the fact that we made it home with all of them :-)

*For great parents who went with us, and were very helpful

*For coming home to find our grass cut

*For the very kind friend who cut the grass

*For the wonder and excitement that fireflies add to spring evenings

*For ballet shoes, and dancing princesses

*For finally getting to see Grammy and Poppy again

*For the Youngest Princess' squeals of joy when they finally got here

*For Benadryl to help the Youngest Princess' allergies

*For laughing together

*For shared burdens, and knowing we don't have to carry them alone

*For lunch brought to me by my in-loves

*For beautiful weather

*For an adorable program and a kindergarten graduate

*For friends and family who were so sweet to take the time to come and see the graduation

*For a teacher that made the Youngest Princess' kindergarten year fantastic

*For a college graduate on the same night

*For a Saturday spending time with the family

*For sunshine

*For lots of visitors at church

*For naps

*For people who are knowledgable about things that I am not

*For my salvation

*For a godly heritage

*For an amazing husband who helps me out when I need him

*For a good end to a wonderful school year

*For a fun afternoon with the girls

*For a place of safety for the kittens when the garage door stops cooperating

*For a yummy dinner with the girls in the family

*For a strong husband who fixed the garage door

*For answered prayers for a friend's husband

*For another year of life for Poppy, and the huge blessing that he is to our family

*For the guys having a fun time going to the Braves game for Poppy's Birthday

*For a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Young Prince

*For fun and laughter with my girls

*For encouragement that perhaps God is using me to make a difference

*For answered prayers for a friend

*For a fun shopping trip with Grammy and the Oldest Princess

*For laughing together

*For blueberries and strawberries

*For a wonderful group of ladies who love the Lord, and have a desire to serve Him, and others

*For a good night's rest

We are blessed abundantly, beyond measure, and God deserves ALL of our praise!

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