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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A ton of things to be thankful for this week. Here are a few...

*For a really cool hummingbird feeder - M. L. - It's Jim Shore, and I always think of you when I see anything Jim Shore :-) - I still have my Nativity set, and still LOVE it!

*For a cute little picture book, and sweet notes from my awesome students

*For money from those same awesome students, and their parents

*For a giant rose that made me smile

*For a great smelling candle, and a shade to make it into a lamp

*For a desk calendar with a neat saying, or verse for each day - a blessing a day for a whole year :-)!

*For wonderful church members with servants' hearts

*For getting to go to a banquet, with great food, fellowship, fun, and entertainment

*For making new friendships with new brothers and sisters in the Lord

*For safety for our children

*For a fairly productive Saturday

*For two birthday parties, and for being able to go to both of them

*For four precious people being baptized

*For a good lunch with fun friends

*For a yummy dinner with fun friends

*For a special fun day for the youngest princess

*For a fun/crazy dinner/fast shopping trip with the family

*For cool breezes, and clouds that hide the sun's hot rays

*For baby birds to watch

*For kids who help when asked

*For a cute surprise notepad and pen from a student

*For a class mom that is fabulous

*For special time with my girls

*For special time for the Prince and the young prince

*For rain that washes away more pollen

*For cute kindergarten programs full of childhood innocence and abounding in cuteness

*For listening to the Youngest Princess spontaineously break into song - "God is so Good, God is so Good, God is so Good, He's so Good to Me." Yes, He truly is!

*For excitement in the Oldest Princess, and the Young Prince about things of the Lord

*For an opportunity to teach God's Word to a sweet group of people

*For kids that stop by to see me in the middle of the day

*For the light at end of the tunnel of yet another great school year, with a fantastic group of kids - I almost hate to see it end

*For the first hummingbird sighting of the year

*For laughter and fun with fellow believers

*For how God takes care of even the smallest details, demonstrating His great love

Thank You, Lord for more blessings than we can count!

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