Two Tiaras and a Sword

Saturday, May 5, 2012

And the Youngest Princess Says...

While looking back through some of my posts that I have written and saved as drafts, instead of publishing, I came across this one that I wrote last fall. I think I'll share it today, in case some of you need a reason to smile...

L...e...p...r...s...c..."Mom, is this how you spell leprosy?"

I asked her to go and tell her brother he had two minutes to get up before he got a consequence. She did. Then she came back and said,"He rolled over and said 'hey' to me! I'm not talking about 'Hey'! I'm talking about consequences here!"

To her Daddy, who loves taking Sunday afternoon naps with her..."Daddy, if you want me to go to sleep on Sunday nights, we are going to have to stop the naps."

While laying with her head in my lap and hearing my tummy gurgle, "Mommy, I'm hearing a lot of your noises (pointing to my stomach). Can you please shush 'em?"

And...we had a fall festival at our church complete with big blow up slides, obstacle course, and bouncy house. The youngest princess wanted to dress up as, of all things, a princess. Which would require fancy (itchy) princess dress, glass slippers aka clompy plastic shoes, a wand, and a tiara (which I would end up holding from the time we arrived, until the time we left...approx. 2 1/2 hours). So for the sake of practicality, with the help of the oldest princess, we talked her into being...a teenager. She wore her jeans and sweatshirt (with our youth group logo). The oldest princess straightened her hair, and I applied a little makeup (the clincher in talking her into being a teenager). Then we gave her an old cell phone to carry in her pocket, which she pulled out intermittently and pretended to receive or send a text. So, while applying her makeup, I was talking about her beautiful eyelashes, and how long they are. Then in the car on the way, she said something about her eyelashes being long, and then she said..."Maybe I should trim 'em!" Um. No! Don'!

While eating Smarties..."I'm really smart ya know. Because I eat Smarties. I even know that 6 plus 6 is 12." I explained that Smarties don't really make you Smart. Then a couple of minutes later she said, "7 plus 7 is 14!". I asked her how she knew that. She said, "Because, I'm...eating...Smarties!" Yes. Of course. I should have known. Would you share a few of those with me please.

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