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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 28 - October 5, 2016

Once again, a week has come and gone, and I have failed to keep up.  So once again, I will spare you all the mundane details and try to hit just the highlights.

Wednesday, September 28 - It must have been a pretty normal day.  I don't remember much about it except that my sweet friend and co-worker had the yearbook dedicated to her.  It was very sweet.  I am happy for her.

My small group at church that night was really good as well.  I love my group and I love digging deeper in God's Word with them.

Thursday, September 29 - Again, it must have been a pretty normal day.  I do not remember anything out of the ordinary happening that day.

Friday, September 30 - It came out in a discussion about how to properly dress for the upcoming field trip, that pretty much all of the girls in the 7th grade class just might have a pretty large crush on The Young Prince.  One of the high school teachers shared this juicy bit of news with me when I was in the hall putting our latest art projects on the wall.  We have had lots of fun with the news since then.  And we might have teased the Young Prince a little.  But in all seriousness, he is a great kid, so why shouldn't they all be fawning over him?  Lol!  I'm am also unashamedly biased.  I think they have great taste in guys.

The youngest princess went after school to spend the night with a friend.

The Young Prince, My Prince and I went to a local Chinese buffet for dinner.  One of the Young Prince's favorites.  He was sitting across the table from me eating crab legs, when he cracked one, and the juice from it went all over me.  All in my hair.  All in my face.  All over my shoulder and arm.  All. over. me.  It was lovely.  The Young Prince apologized profusely.  It was a little bit funny, and a whole lot nasty.  Oh the joys!

Saturday, October 1 - We woke up early and got ready for a family reunion.  It was held about two hours from us, so we had to leave early to get there on time.  Grammy and Poppy came and rode with  us.  We had a good time of fellowshipping with them on the way up there.  It was fun to get to see family that we don't get to see very often.  Some only at funerals, so it was nice to see them when everyone wasn't sad.  We finally got to meet one of My Prince's cousin's little girls.  They were absolutely precious.  The Youngest Princess had a good time playing with them.

On our way home, I could not hold my eyes open, so I got in a nap.  Grammy and Poppy left as soon as we got home. My Prince turned on the tv just in time to see the end of his game.  He was not happy because he thought his team had lost, and then with absolutely no time left, his team ended up winning.  So all was well.  And everyone in our household (that cares about football) was happy.

Sunday, October 2 - We had a good day serving the Lord.  My Prince preached a great sermon, and we recognized the kids in our local FFA who will be going to nationals later this month.  We ate dinner with the FFA students and their families, and as always, our ladies did a wonderful job feeding everyone.

Our Sunday night group was just myself and one other lady.  The other two were unable to be there.  It made me sad, but the two of us that were there had a sweet time of prayer and sharing with one another.  I might have shed a tear or two.  I've been very weepy the past few days.  Lots of things weighing heavy on my heart, and sometimes those weights make my eyes leak a little.  I feel again like I need to go around proclaiming, "Unstable!  Unstable!"

I didn't get to have my Bible Drills class during the service Sunday night, because we had a special ordination service for our new deacon.  I am very proud of him and his family, and I am thankful to have him serving alongside My Prince.

After church, we went out to eat with the youth.  We had a great time as we always do, just being able to sit and fellowship with people we love.

Monday, October 3 - Again, a normal day.  Work, and then home.  My Prince went to pick up the Youngest Princess from her tumbling class, and made it home just in time before the washing machine repairman came.  I was very glad to see him and even more glad that he was able to fix my machine and get me back in business.  He was very nice and told us that this particular model has a certain quirk about it.  He told us if we had any more trouble to give him a call and he could talk My Prince though fixing it. I started washing clothes and pretty much have not stopped since.

This day marked the 16th anniversary of my Daddy's death.  It is hard to imagine that he has been gone that long.  I still miss him very much.  Some days like it just happened yesterday.  And although I don't purposefully mark the day, it always hits me hard.  May be part of the reason my heart has been feeling "Unstable!" this week.

Tuesday, October 4 - A good day at school/work.  After school I went and had my hair done.  Then it was back to the school to see the last home volleyball game of the season.  It was Senior night, and I needed to be there for my girls.  It was sweet to watch them play again.  It was also sad not to see my girl out there on the floor.  We had to leave before they were done.  It was getting late, and we had not had dinner.  We stopped for a bite to eat on our way home.  The Young Prince joined us after the volleyball game was over.  I had a terrible headache, so I pretty much went to bed as soon as we got home.

Wednesday, October 5  - A good day overall.  Full of the usual mundane, average stuff that life is made of.  I am perfectly happy with usual mundane average stuff.  It means that things are trucking along normally.   And that is much better than abnormally.  We are winding down our last week of the grading period, so we are busy grading and filing and studying and taking tests.  I stayed home from church tonight to try to get rid of the terrible headache that still plagues me. I eventually gave in and took some medicine for it, even though I was trying not to take anything.

Something happened that was sad, but at the same time an answer to prayer of sorts.  I never cease to be amazed at how God answers prayers in His own time and in His own way.  He answered a prayer today, but not at all in any way that I could have imagined it answered before it call came to be.  So, although it is not the way I would have orchestrated it, I am thankful to God for answered prayers.

And now, I am ready to get some rest.  Like the rest of my family.

So, until I blog again...

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