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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24 -25, 2016

Monday, October 24 - It was a good day.  School went well.

The Young Prince rode to school with me because he did not have football practice, and I knew that I would need him to help me bring home the puppy we were getting.  He gets out of school at 2:00, and he took my car to go get a haircut between 2:00 and 3:00, but he came right back.  Both of us had forgotten that the salon was closed on Mondays.  

When school was out, and the Youngest Princess was at tumbling, we met my friend who was brining us the puppy.  The Young Prince held the puppy as we drove home.  When we got home, we carefully introduced our dog Houston to the new puppy.  It took all three of us, the Young Prince, My Prince and I to get that task accomplished.  We have a small pen that we are keeping the puppy in until we know for sure that she and Houston are going to get along.

We went and picked up the Youngest Princess from tumbling.  She knew we had a surprise waiting for her, and she was very excited.  When she realized that there was a puppy in the backyard, she went squealing and screaming out to it.  She almost cried with joy.  She was so excited!  We let her take the puppy out to the front yard on a leash, and walk her around.  By the time it got dark, I think the puppy was worn out.  The Youngest Princess took one of her old t-shirts out to the puppy, so it would have something with her scent on it.  She said the puppy went over to it, sniffed it, then picked it up and took it into the dog house and curled up with it.

The Youngest Princess got ready for bed.  We read our chapter of Anne of Green Gables and then went to bed. 

The puppy did good most of the night.  I heard her whining a little off and on, but overall she seemed to do well.  The Youngest Princess finally decided on Bella Skye for the puppy's name.

Tuesday, October 25 - I got up this morning to the tune of Bella whining and crying.  She would cry for a little while and then be quiet.  Then she would cry again for a few minutes and then be quiet.  I could hear her off and on while I was getting ready.  

As soon as the Youngest Princess got up, she wanted to go and check on Bella.  She said that Bella would cry and Houston would go and sit by the fence to her little pen, and she would stop crying.  After a minute or two, Houston would move away, and Bella would start crying again, and Houston would go back and sit by her pen.  I laughed and said that Bella is already bossing Houston around and telling him what to do!

School was pretty good.  It was a fairly normal day.  

The Young Prince left at 2:00 and was able to get his hair cut.  Then he came home.  I text him and asked him to take some peas out of the freezer and put them in water so they could start thawing out.  He did it for me.  He is an awesome kid.  When I got home, I started dinner.  I fried chicken, and okra, fixed peas, and shells and cheese, and rolls.  It was a yummy homemade dinner.  I don't get to cook all that often, due to our crazy schedules, so it was nice.  I missed the Oldest Princess, because she is the only one who eats fried okra with me, and tonight I had to eat it all by myself.  It made me sad.

After dinner, My Prince took the Youngest Princess to the store to get some toys for Bella.  When they got back, we let the Youngest Princess put Bella on a leash and play with her in the front yard for a while, while we sat on the porch and watched.  The cat kept trying to get in My Prince's lap.  He does not care for cats.  We were laughing, because she would not leave him alone.  She was using his legs as a scratching post.  My Prince's facial expressions were making me laugh.  I am glad that I married a nut.  He makes life fun.

We came in at dark, and I talked to the Oldest Princess for a while on the phone.  I miss my girl!

Now, I am ready to get the Youngest Princess ready for bed, and read our chapter and get some rest myself.

Until I blog again...

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