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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 25-27, 2016

Okay, again, I will leave out all the mundane details, and give you a few highlights...

Sunday, September 25 - We, of course, went to church.  Our friends came, and we enjoyed introducing them to some of our church family and friends.  They say that they really enjoyed it.  I hope they did.

After church, we came home and took several pictures by the oak tree in the front yard.  Grammy fixed a delicious lunch of crock pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and rolls.  We all ate until we were full.  It was wonderful.  Before we knew it, and way before we were ready, it was time for the Oldest Princess to head back to school.  We told her goodbye, and of course, we stood on the porch and did the wave as she drove away.

We were able to visit a few more minutes with our friends before they too had to leave.  We all prayed together, and then sent them off with our signature wave as well.  It was sad to see them all have to leave.  Especially after such a great weekend.  Hopefully we will all be able to get together again before too long.

After everyone left, and all was quiet, My Prince and I did some studying for our Sunday night classes/services.

Then we went to church.  My small group went well.  I have really enjoyed our time together and getting to know one another and share with one another our struggles and victories.  I also love that we are able to encourage one another throughout the week.  I had fun memorizing my verses this week knowing that I would get to say them to my group, and that they would say theirs to me. It is fun going through it together.

The Oldest Princess made it back to school safely, and we were thankful for that.

Bible Drills went well also.  I love those kids, and I love seeing them get excited about learning God's Word.  They work so hard, and they are so eager to get it right.  It is a great way to end my Sundays.

Our friends text to say that they had made it home safely, and we were thankful and glad to get their text.  But sad that our fun weekend was really over.

Monday, September 26 - It was a good day.  Pretty much as normal as they come.

After school, the Youngest Princess had tumbling, and she got her back handspring.  She has been working on it for a long time, so we were very excited that she was finally able to do it by herself.  She was jumping up and down excited.  After tumbling, I took her to get an ice cream in celebration of her accomplishment.  My Prince had an afternoon/evening conference, so he was not home when we got home.  We relaxed and spent time together.

My friend called and asked if she could borrow my key to the church so that she could meet with her small group.  I told her of course.  The Youngest Princess wanted to go out on the porch and wait for her, so we did.  I talked to the Oldest Princess on the phone for a few minutes.  After my friend stopped by and picked up the key, we went back inside.

A friend asked if the Youngest Princess could go to dinner with them.  I told them she could, so they came by and picked her up.

The Young Prince realized that one of the Narnia movies was on, while we were looking for the debate, and so he watched that for a while. My sister called to let me know that she had been offered the job that she had interviewed for last week.  That was exciting news.  Definitely an answer to many prayers.  We are very excited for her.

The Youngest Princess made it home.  We made a video to send to a friend to let her know we were praying for her.

We watched as much of the debate as I could stomach.  Then the Youngest Princess and I went to bed.  We were exhausted from our weekend of fun, and from a full Monday, so we did not even read.  We just snuggled and went to sleep.  We had just dozed off when My Prince made it home.  I was very thankful to have him home.  And I went back to sleep before I knew it.

Tuesday, September 27 - It was a good day at least most of it was.  Today was the day that a sweet friend of mine donated one of her kidneys to another friend of hers.  I woke up with her on my heart and in my prayers.  I prayed off and on, much like the praying without ceasing we are supposed to do every day, all day long.

Today was probably the first challenging day in my class so far this year.  We had a great morning, and were having a blast learning.  The Youngest Princess said, "Mommy, this year I love math!"  That was very exciting to hear.  Another student told me that today was her favorite spelling lesson ever.  We were moving fast and getting stuff accomplished, and then lunch happened.  And after lunch, the girls were giggly, and silly and pretty much checked out on me.  I asked a question about something we had learned in history before we went to lunch, and I had to ask about 6 of my 9 girls before they got it right, and that was only AFTER I told them that they had taken a note on it, and the answer was right there in front of them.  I asked the next question, and they acted like they had never even heard of what I was talking about.  It was quite frustrating.  I have had classes where this is the norm.  But not this class, so I was a little disappointed.  It made me frustrated and sad.  Especially after such a great morning.  But, we made it through the end of the day.  After some stressful moments of trying to write our own limericks in penmanship.  We did poetry in language the other day, and the Youngest Princess about had a come apart trying to do one simple assignment, while everyone else was sailing through.  Today though, she did pretty well, and a different student had and extremely hard time with it.  Thankfully, that is the end of all we do with poetry in the fifth grade.  I love it, but it apparently can be stressful to students who tend to be perfectionists.  And when I say stressful, I mean very stressful.

We came home and the Youngest Princess finished homework while the Young Prince was at football practice.  Then My Prince, and the Youngest Princess went to the store to get batteries for my camera, because the Youngest Princess wanted to use it.  When they got home, she went out and took several good pictures.  We may have a budding photographer on our hands.  When the Young Prince got home, he took a shower, and we went out to eat.  We saw some friends that we haven't seen a quite awhile, unless Facebook counts, and caught up for just a second.  It was very good to see them.

After dinner, we came home and I sat on the front porch so that the Youngest Princess could take some more pictures.   But it was really getting too dark, so she didn't get any that she kept.  I enjoyed watching her, and just being outside for a few minutes.

Then we came in, and she studied for a few more minutes.   Now we are upstairs, and the Youngest Princess is reading her book report book.  It has been said that if you don't like to read, it is just because you haven't found the right book.  Well, I think the Youngest Princess has found "the right book".  She usually complains when I make her read.  Today she has been reading like crazy and every once in a while she will stop to tell me what is happening in her book.  Then she will read for a little while longer and then stop and say, "I LOVE to READ!"  I am just loving her loving to read.

I just talked with the Oldest Princess for a while.  She is learning life lessons at college.  Some good, some tough.  It is hard with her being away, and not being able to hug her, or to look her in the eye when I give her motherly advice.  It can also be good that I am so far away.  For a variety of reasons.  Anyway, life lessons.  At the academy of "I'm on my own and learning to make my own decisions".    Which is often followed by "now I get to face the consequences of my decisions".  I just pray that she remembers what she has been taught, and that the choices she makes are wise (even when they are hard), and pleasing to the Lord.  She is a good girl.  And she has been taught well.  She has always made us proud.  I know she will continue to, and I pray daily for the Lord to guide her and protect her.  It is a scary thing for a momma to let one of her kiddos go.  So I appreciate your prayers. For both the Oldest Princess and I.

And now, I am going to make the Youngest Princess stop reading, so that I can read to her.  Ironic, isn't it.  And then I am going to get some rest.

Until I blog again...

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