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Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 2016

"Unstable! Unstable!" Those two words seem to be my theme lately.  It feels like I am happy and fine one minute, and ready to break into tears the next.  All these changes that my kids are going through.  Changes that my parents should be here to see.  Changes that I would give anything to at least talk to them about.  I know that they would be so proud of the Oldest Princess, and want to know all of the time how she is doing in college.  I know that they would be crazy proud of the Young Prince and how awesome he is on the football field.  I know that they would be very proud of the Youngest Princess and her academic achievements and her piano and flute playing and her tumbling abilities.  I know that they would enjoy being a part of it all as much as they could.  I know that they would be full of advice.  And I miss them like crazy!  I don't know why, but the last few months, more than usual.  Daddy passed away 16 years ago, and Momma almost 8, but for some reason, during this season of my life I just really wish I had their wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love.  Okay.  Pity party over.

I woke up this morning and did my First 5 devotion.  I got ready and My Prince dropped me off at school early, because we had staff devotions this morning.  They were good.  We were reminded that while we are busy ministering and giving of ourselves to others, that we needed to be sure that we are staying in God's Word, and close to the Father.

My friend's mom's surgery went better than we had expected which was a big answer to prayer.  We were excited to get the good update.

Class went well today.  We are wrapping things up and finishing out for the first 9 weeks.  So we are mainly reviewing and testing.  The girls are working hard and they never cease to amaze me with how smart they all are.  We had a few minutes at the end of the day while they worked on penmanship for me to be able to read Josiah to them.  We are on the second book and getting close to one of my most favorite parts. I know the girls will love it too.  I am excited to share that part of the book with them, and see their reactions.

The last few minutes of the day while the girls finished penmanship and packed up, we did music.  Most of the songs are patriotic or silly folk songs.  The girls love them.  And they sound great when they all sing together.  It is funny how they all have their own favorites.  I like to hear them tell me stories of  them telling their parents about a certain song, and how their parents remember that song, or something in connection with the song.  It makes me happy to know that the silly songs we sing in music at the end of the day are giving the girls something fun to talk to their parents about.

After school, we ran to Taco Bell for a very delicious and nutritious (okay, neither of those really) meal.  I forgot to order my tacos with no lettuce.  And we had very little time, so I was a big girl, and I ate them as they were.  The Youngest Princess did not want anything to eat, until she ate a bite of her Daddy's dinner, and then she decided that she wanted to order something after all.  So we ordered her what she wanted, and then we had to wait for her to eat.  We went to one of my favorite places to get some roasted peanuts to take with us to eat at the game, and of course, they did not have any salted ones, so we had to leave empty handed.

We headed back to the school for the football game.  It was the last home football game.  It was also senior night.  The Young Prince is the only senior on the team, so before the game started, they announced his name and had us go out on the field.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I can not believe that the little guy that was once diagnosed with "failure to thrive", and who had the most sensitive heart of any little boy I know, and who used to give me velcro hugs (arms, legs and all), and who had so much energy that we often said we could use him as a power source for the whole house, was standing next to me, in full uniform, about to play his last home football game as a senior.  The recognition lasted all of about 2 minutes, but a lifetime flashed through my mind in those two minutes.  I just did this last year with a volleyball/basketball player.  I am not ready to do this again so soon!  "Unstable! Unstable!"  His older sister is away at college.  She said if she had known it was Senior night, that she would have tried to come home.  But we did not even think about it, or know about it until last night.  Sometimes boys don't find it important enough to share information with their parents until the very last minute.  Or is is just mine?  So, the Oldest Princess was not there.  The Youngest Princess plays in the band, and she was upstairs with the band, and had not come out yet, so she missed it too.  Poppy was there though.  And our youth pastor and his wife and baby Super C got there just in time I think.  At least they were there as we were coming off of the field.  And Aunt D took pictures for me.  Then B took pictures for us after the game.  Our team lost, but the Young Prince and several others played their hearts out.  I hate it for them when they lose, but I love to watch them play.  I wish you could see the Young Prince run!

After the game we came home.  The Young Prince got busy doing homework.  I talked to the Oldst Princess for a few minutes.  We caught each other up on how our day went.  The Youngest Princess studied for her two big tests tomorrow. Now she is snuggling with her Daddy upstairs, and I think I will go and join them.

Until I blog again...

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