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Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 8, 2016

I woke up and did my First 5 devotion, and got ready for work.  We took all of the Youngest Princess's luggage out to the car, and headed off to school.  

My girls were giddy and excited.  Understandable, as it was the last day of school before we were out for Fall Break.  Many of them have exciting plans for the next week.  But I had to help them calm down, and remember that they weren't done yet, and that they still had one more day's worth of work to do before they could relax.  So, we managed to get on track, and they did great from that point on.

Since it was the end of the 9 week grading period, we pretty much just tested all day in order to wrap everything up.  The girls did great!  I was very proud of almost all of their grades.  They have worked hard, and it shows.  I love the excitement of the girls when they have worked hard and then get a grade that they are pleased with.

It was a good day overall.  I had to leave a few minutes early at the end of the day in order to get the Youngest Princess to the church in time to head off to missions camp.  So I got the girls all packed up, and then they went to music.  My sweet friend and co-worker told me that she would dismiss them for me when they came back from music.  So the Youngest Princess and I packed up and My Prince came and picked us up.

We headed straight to the church, and met with all the others who were going to Missions Camp.  I was excited to see that we had such a large group going.  As we were loading them up and getting them ready to go, I got a call from my sister.

She just started a new job this week.  And that is a big answer to many prayers, so we were very excited for her.  But she was calling to tell me that she was having some health problems, and had had to go the the urgent care, and miss.  I hated to hear that, but we know that God is at work, and that He will be able to work through this, and we pray that she will be well and able to work again as soon as possible.  We are praying that that is Monday, so if you would like to pray with me that she will be well enough to go back to work on Monday, I would really appreciate it.

The kids and wonderful chaperones left for camp, and My Prince and I came home.  The Young Prince was here, but he was walking out the door to go and help our youth pastor with some pre-football game activities at our local public school.  So it was just My Prince and I.  

The Young Prince came back sooner than we had expected him to, because they did not have as much to do as they had originally thought.  But he turned around and left pretty much immediately, because he  had plans to camp out with some of his buddies, so he went ahead and got on with those plans.  

We sat down to watch a show that I missed earlier in the week due to a bad headache.  I was going to watch it and catch up.  So we watched about 15 minutes of that, and then I got a text message that I needed to respond to, and then Grammy and Poppy let us know what time they wanted to meet for dinner, and that meant that I needed to get ready to go, so we did not get to finish watching our show.  

We got ready and went to meet Grammy and Poppy.  We had a good dinner with great discussions - mainly about the church and how God is working.  It is so exciting to see how God is moving in the lives of certain individuals, and how they are growing in their walk with Him, and then not only growing, but obeying Him in the things he wants them to do.  Very exciting stuff!  

After dinner, we ran by Walmart, because I wanted to get some mums and pumpkins/gourds to put on the porch.  I also picked up the ingredients to make buffalo chicken dip for the Youngest Princess.  She asked me to make her some this week, and I thought I would surprise her with some when she gets home from camp.  I also found a decorative tray that I absolutely LOVE!  Yay!  So I got it and I think I will use it on the coffee table.  I love decorating for fall, and my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving!

When we got home, My Prince helped Poppy move a piece of furniture that they are storing with us while they are on their next Dominican trip.  I put out my mums and pumpkins while they moved the furniture.  When they got done with that, Poppy went home, and My Prince and I sat down and finished our show.  

We talked to and texted back and forth with the Oldest Princess off and on through the evening.  We are excited that we will get to see her soon.

Then we decided to call it a day. It was a good, blessed day, all the way around.  We were able to rest with our hearts full of God's blessings.  I hope that you were able to as well.

Until I blog again...

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