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Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 22-23, 2016

Saturday, October 22 - It was a good day just hanging out and doing things around the house.  I got up and worked on catching up on my blog.  That was quite the task (if you read yesterday's blog you will understand).

We watched a little bit of television, and a lot of football.  The Youngest Princess came home about 2:00 from her friend's house, and her friend stayed with us, because they did not get in enough play time over night.

My Prince fixed chili, because he and the Young Prince had been hungry for some, and the weather was finally cool enough to justify fixing something warm.

I saw a picture of a puppy on Facebook that someone had dumped off near a friend of mine's house.  She was looking for a home for it.  It is not a full blooded golden retriever, but it definitely has some golden retriever in it.  We decided to tell her that we would take her.  She reminded us so much of our Tex.  But, we also decided to keep it a secret from the Youngest Princess.  We decided that we would surprise her with it.  We will not get it until tomorrow afternoon, so shhhh, don't tell the Youngest Princess please.

I talked to the Oldest Princess for a while.  It has been a couple of days since I had actually talked to her, so it was good to hear her voice and catch up with what has been going on.

There was a game night at the school.  They were supposed to have a bonfire, but because it is so dry, we have a no burn ordinance in place, so that ruled out the bonfire.  The kids (all three of the ones at our house) went to the game night.

I did some laundry and talked to my sister for a while.

When the kids got home, we got the Youngest Princess ready for bed, we picked out our clothes to help Sunday morning go more smoothly, and then we read and went to sleep.

Sunday, October 23 - We got up and got ready for church.  Sunday School went well.  The lesson was from Isaiah 40.  What is really cool is that we usually go around the room and read verses that pertain to the lesson.  The passage that I read had the verse that I was going to be teaching in my Bible Drills class that night in it.

My Prince preached on the last chair in the four chair series.  The chair was "Multiply".  At the end of the service, he had us fill out papers stating where we thought we were.  What chair we were in.  It was a really good service.

After church, we went to eat lunch, and then back home.  My Prince and I studied, and the kids napped.  Then the kids and My Prince left to go to the church to practice for the Christmas play.  I stayed home for a few more minutes to get everything ready for my group and my Bible Drills class.

My group was good tonight.  Everyone of us said our Bible verse.  I love meeting with these ladies and sharing our victories and struggles of the week and to be able to encourage and pray for one another.

My Bible Drills class went well.  The kids have started working on their Christmas program, during the hour before my class, and they were wound up when they got to Bible Drills.  They calmed down fairly quickly, and we got to work.  They learned a new verse, and a new key passage (which happened to be the same passage that we had gone over in Sunday School - I love it when God works things out like that!)

After church we came home, ate some frozen pizzas for dinner, and now it is time for the Youngest Princess and I to snuggle and read our chapter of Anne of Green Gables.

Until I blog again...

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