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Friday, October 21, 2016

October 9 - October 15, 2016

It has been a busy week.  And I am just now making the time to sit down and catch up.

Sunday, October 9 - It was a good day.  Sunday school and church were both good.  After church, we went to eat with Grammy and Poppy, before they had to leave.  We will not see them again until at least January, so it was a little sad.  We hate to see them go, but we know that God is going to use them in many ways.

My Sunday night class and my Bible Drills class all went well.  I was not feeling great, and as the evening wore on, I was really feeling bad.  I came home from church and pretty much went to bed, because I was feeling so bad.

Monday, October 10 to Wednesday, October 12 - I got up early Monday morning, feeling a little better than the night before, and I packed and got ready to go and see the Oldest Princess.  We got on the road about the time that we had wanted to, and were able to get there when she got out of class.  We ate lunch with her and then visited with her for a few minutes before she had to go to another class.  We stayed with her until Wednesday afternoon.  Doing a whole lot of just sitting and talking with her and waiting on her while she was in class.  We were able to meet several of her friends that we had heard so much about.  It was good to be able to meet them.  We spent Monday and Tuesday evening in the sports center, where the Oldest Princess worked on homework, and the Youngest Princess worked on conquering the climbing wall.  She finally made it to the top of the two places that she tried to climb on Tuesday evening.  I loved watching her climb and see her figure out how to get to the top.  She was determined to get it done, and I was very proud of her when she did.

Wednesday afternoon, we drove home and got here just in time for church.  Due to several not being able to be there, my group postponed until next week, so I stayed home and washed up clothes and got the Youngest Princess repacked so that she could leave with her friend M and M's grandparents the next morning to go to the Ark Adventure and Creation Museum.

Thursday, October 13 - I got up and got ready and got the Youngest Princess up and got her ready and all of her last minute things packed so that she would be ready when M and her grandparents came to pick her up.  After they picked her up, I did some Bible study and just relaxed between loads of laundry.  My Prince, the Young Prince and I ran and got some dinner.  Then we came home and watched a show that we had recorded.  Then we went to bed.

Friday, October 14 - My Prince went to work.  I did some things around the house.  We were supposed to go to a football game.  But the Young Prince was in no shape to play football.  He was fighting an upset stomach.  I kept hoping that he would get better as the day went on, but it was not to be.  Finally I texted My Prince and let him know that I was worried about the Young Prince.  He brought home some medicine for him, and then he called the coach to let him know that the Young Prince was sick.  I hated it for the team.  It made me sad.  I was excited to see him play again.  But it was not to be.  My Prince went and got a movie, and we watched it at home instead.  The Oldest Princess came home from college.  She stopped and met two of her friends for dinner, and then came here.  We laughed and talked and enjoyed having her home again.  Finally, My Prince and I had to go to bed.  But the Young Prince and the Oldest Princess stayed up a little longer.  The last thing I remember was listening to them laugh and cut up with each other as I fell asleep.

Saturday, October 16 - It was a nice relaxing day here around the house.  We enjoyed our time with the Oldest Princess and the Young Prince.  We got some things done - laundry and dishes and such.  Then the oldest two got ready and left for a youth group outing.  When they left, My Prince's football game came on, so we watched it.  About halftime, the Youngest Princess made it home from her trip with her friend.  I was glad that she was home.  I have missed her!  We ate dinner, and now we are chilling out waiting on the oldest two to get home from their outing.  

It has been a nice relaxing Fall Break for us.  Aside from the Youngest Princess going to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, there was not much excitement.  But it was good.  It was good family time and good time off to catch up on some rest and some things we needed to do around the house.  Tomorrow is back to the routine of normal.  And I am looking forward to it. 

Until I blog again... 

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