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Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 26-28, 2016

Wednesday, October 26 - It was a good day.  There was a missionary who spoke at our elementary chapel, and he did a really good job of sharing what he did in his ministry with the kids.  I always love hearing about how God works in and through the lives of others, and so it was very interesting to hear how God was using both he and his wife, and to hear how God was working through others to make their ministry possible.

After we returned to the classroom, we got a Facebook call from one of my students who is on a trip out of the country.  The girls were thrilled to get to see and talk to their classmate, and to learn all about the experiences she was having.  It was exciting, heartwarming, and of course educational.

So chapel and the call both helped to make for a really good day.  The rest of the day was pretty normal.  The girls worked hard, and we squeezed everything in, even with the extra stuff that had happened.

After school, we came home and the Youngest Princess did her homework, and was able to play with Bella for a few minutes, before she had to come in and get ready for church.

Church went well.  I enjoyed my Wednesday night group as always, although one of us was not able to be there.  It was neat that the things we studied this week about Paul and Timothy went right along with what we are studying as a church about discipleship.

After church, My Prince had a meeting, but the Young Prince, the Youngest Princess and I came on home.  The kids got ready for bed and finished homework/relaxed, while I worked on a blog that had been on my heart for a while. The Youngest Princess got her outfit ready for our dress up day at school the next day.

My Prince came home from his meeting, and the Youngest Princess and I read our chapter and went to bed.

Thursday, October 27 - It was a dress up day at school.  The theme was superheroes, but they told the kids they could dress up as anything.  I had several superheroes and some villains in my class.  I wore a Superman shirt that belongs to the Young Prince, and a cape with a red sparkly S on it  - for super teacher.  The third grade teacher found capes at the dollar store, and one of the second grade teachers put the S's on them for us, so we were all super teachers for superhero day.  My cape didn't last long though, because it choked me.

As with any dress up day, it was wild, plus throw in the fact that that night we were having our school's fall festival, and the book fair was happening, and our PE teacher was tied up with all of that, and I needed my PE time to get my folders done, so we had PE in our room, and the girls were all excited and distracted and could barely focus...made the day looooong and frustrating.  Kind of like that run on sentence I just wrote.

We did have a few minutes at the end of the day to look at pictures and videos sent from my student who is out of the country.  It was really neat to see and learn about some of the things she is getting to experience and learn about.  The girls loved it!

My Prince, and the Young Prince came at the end of the day to help me get my games set up.  They did a great job and were finished in about 15 minutes.  I was very thankful for them and their help.  What they did in those few minutes would have taken me at least twice as long after school.  And because they came and did that for me, I was able to go home right after school and let the Youngest Princess do her homework.  My Prince and my Young Prince are great!

We ran by a local restaurant and got dinner before we went to the fall festival.

The festival was fun.  The Youngest Princess ran around with her friends and played games and did the hay ride (3x).  Then they cashed in their tickets for prizes at the end.  I got to talk to and visit with people that I usually see in passing and only share quick greetings with.  It was good to have time to actually have full conversations.

We came home exhausted and ready for bed.  We read our chapter, and went to sleep.

Friday, October 28 - We prayed "All the way to school" as the Youngest Princess said.  I knew we would need it.  It was another dress up day.  Only this day was a sports theme, and everyone was really tired, so it was not quite as crazy as the day before.  I wore the Oldest Princess's basketball warm-up sweatshirt.  I had some gymnasts, and some cheerleaders in my class.  The girls were tired, and it was a little hard to get them to focus, but we did manage to get everything done that we needed to get done.  The history test grades were great!  The spelling tests were not as good as I had hoped they would be, but for the most part, the majority of them did well.

After school, the Youngest Princess had tumbling, so I came home.  My Prince and the Young Prince were getting ready to take Bella to the vet.  They left to do that, and I soaked in some quiet time on the couch for about 35 minutes, before I had to go and pick the Youngest Princess up from tumbling.

I picked her up, and we came home.  The guys were already back from the vet when we got home.  We needed to go and get food for the hedgehog, so we went to get something to eat, and do that.  We did a little bookstore shopping as well.  We made a quick stop by Walmart, and then we came home.

I read to the Youngest Princess, and then we came back downstairs and hung out with the guys for a little while.  I talked to the Oldest Princess on the phone for a few minutes.  Then My Prince and I left the kids watching television and went to bed.

I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.  A little while later, my phone buzzed, waking me up.  It was the Oldest Princess letting me know that they had just had a fire drill.  I told her that was nice, and (she was taking the stairs to her room on the 9th floor when we had talked earlier) that I knew she definitely had gotten in her quota on flights of stairs for that day then.  I also asked her next time she has a fire drill to tell me all about it - the next morning...At least I think that is what I texted back to her, I was only barely awake.

Until I blog again...

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