Two Tiaras and a Sword

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Youngest Princess Says

"Mommy, back then, did people believe in Jesus?"
"Back when, sweetheart?"
"You know, back in the 60's.  Or like in Joseph's time..."
"Yes, honey, people believed in Jesus 'back then'."

Asking her Daddy if he was going to be able to be at her Brownie induction ceremony:
"Daddy are you going to be there for my enter-duction?"

"Mommy, today when I fell off the scooter, my whole body was on the concreek."

We were driving facing the sun.  My husband was talking about how beautiful the sunset was.  Then he said that it was nothing compared to my beauty.  To which the youngest princess quipped, "Hello! Kids in the back seat!  We don't want to hear your love talk!"

One morning she made me laugh and I said, "Wow!  You really are something else!"  To which she replied, "Well, I try."

Walking out one morning after it had rained all night, and everything was all wet and humid, she said, "I hate it when it rains and everything is all sweaty!"

One Saturday around noon, the oldest princess asked her, "Why are you STILL in your pajamas?"
She answered, "'Cause I'm a pajamaholic.  But, I know.  It's really supposed to be chocoholic."  ;-).  That's right baby!  I love the innocence of childhood!

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