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Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

I got up this morning feeling very tired.  Probably because I skipped drinking my Plexus pink drink yesterday morning.  I skipped it this morning too, and so that does not bode well at all for tomorrow morning, because I am feeling extra tired tonight.

The morning went well.  The Young Prince had to be there a little early to practice the drama he was going to be a part of, so he and My Prince left early.  The Youngest Princess and I followed shortly thereafter.

Sunday school was good.  I always enjoy fellowshipping with everyone before it starts, and today was no exception.

I had the 2/3 year olds today for extended care, so I did not get to go to the service.  The Young Prince did his part in the drama, and then came downstairs to be my helper.  We had 6 kids.  3 girls and 3 boys.  It was a lively hour.  But it was fun as always.  I love getting a chance to love on some of our little ones.  Especially since we have no little ones of our own any more.

After church, as we were walking to the car, we found a butterfly that had a hurt wing and could not fly.  I let it crawl on my hand so the girls could see how beautiful it was.  I love all the details that God puts into every aspect of nature and just how beautiful and interesting each and every creature is.

The Young Prince wanted to go to a local Mexican food restaurant.  Poppy came with us since Grammy was not feeling well, and had stayed home.  The Youngest Princess asked if her friend could come home with us, and I told her that she could.  So M came with us.

Lunch was good, and we enjoyed having Poppy with us.  Back at the house, I did some general straightening up and some more laundry.  Then I studied for my class.  The girls played and had a good time.  My Prince studied, and the Young Prince played on his computer.

Pretty soon, it was coming a downpour outside.  It was a pretty good thunderstorm.  I was in the laundry room, when there was a very loud pop like glass cracking.  It scared me half to death.  I came flying out of the laundry room.  The Young Prince said that it was lightning, and that it had struck pretty close.  I was afraid that it had done something to the house, but I could not find anything wrong, and everything seemed to be in working order.  I went on about my business, getting ready to go to church, and it happened again.  But this time, the kids all heard the loud pop as well.  Again, we did not find anything wrong.  I still don't know what caused those unusual popping sounds, but I am thankful that everything is okay.

My Prince left for church.  We planned to come a few minutes later, but he returned home to get something that he had forgotten before we left, so we all ended up going together.

My discipleship group went well.  Only we were missing a member, but hopefully she will be able to be back with us next week.

Bible Drills went well also.  I love working with those kids and seeing them work so hard on something that really matters.  It is very encouraging to me.  And I love my wonderful helper as well.  I am very thankful that she was feeling better and was back with us tonight.

After church, we went to pick up a pizza for dinner.

We came home and ate, and talked on the phone to the Oldest Princess for a few minutes before she had to get busy doing homework.  She talked like she had had a good day.  I did get one picture from her today, and that was nice.

I read to the Youngest Princess, and then she read one of the stories to me.  And now, we are done and we are going to go to sleep.

So, until I blog again...

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