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Friday, September 9, 2016

August 27 - September 9, 2016

I think this is as far behind as I've gotten since I started trying to blog every day this year.  There are several reasons that I have gotten behind.  One is I have been busy.  Two is it was our last week with the Oldest Princess at home, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.  Three is I've just been too tired to blog each night.  And the longer I went without blogging, the bigger the task became, so I would put it off one more night.  And now, I am almost too far behind to catch up.  I will have to write about just the highlights for sure this time.  So, let's do this!

Saturday, August 27 - We had a ladies conference at our church.  Reba Bowman and Lisa Potter with Dare for More Ministries came and presented their Hearts and Hope ministry to our ladies, and several ladies from other churches.  We had a great night of fellowship, worship, ministry, shopping and eating.  Reba challenged us from God's Word, and opened our eyes to how women around the world are suffering, and how we here in America can help.

Sunday, August 28 - Was a pretty normal Sunday.  Lisa and Reba were still with us.  Reba presented her ministry to the whole church.  We went out to lunch with Lisa and Reba.  We had a great time of food and fellowship.  That night Reba and Lisa went to a different church to present their ministry.  We had services as normal.  My Bible Drills helper had strep, so the Oldest Princess helped me out.  After church Grammy, Lisa and Reba met us for dinner.  Again, we enjoyed talking with them and getting to know them even more.

Monday, August 29 - It was hard to get the Youngest Princess up and running on Monday morning, but eventually we did.  My friend S and I cooked supper for our friend who had been in the hospital.   She came and picked me up, and we took it to her.  We stayed and visited with her for a little while.  It was so good to see her doing better!  I don't remember much about Monday other than that - lol!  

Tuesday, August 30 - The Oldest Princess had her root canal that morning.  It went very well, and I was super glad.  By the time I was finished with school, she was ready to go shopping for a few more last minute things she needed for college. We got most of what she needed and then we came home.

Wednesday, August 31 - It was a crazy morning even before we could get to school. The crazy morning consisted of but was not limited to: a lost lunch box, a forgotten assignment pad, a flea (I HATE fleas), a strange sound in the car, a fallen curtain, forgotten cheer clothes, lost earphones, found earphones.  I remember all of this only because My Prince and I had some very interesting text messages about all of the above, so I was able to look back and be reminded of the madness of that morning.  Otherwise, I believe it was a pretty normal day.  The Oldest Princess attended her last Wednesday night youth service before heading off to college.  Several of us, along with the Oldest Princess and some of her friends went out to eat after church.

Thursday, September 1 - The Oldest Princess went back to the dentist to have a filling until she can come home at Christmas and get a crown put on.  That appointment went well, and we were thankful.  After I got home from school and the Young Prince got home from football practice, we went to meet Grammy and Poppy for dinner.  Our last dinner as a family before the Oldest Princess left for college.  As we were leaving, we got the message that our youth pastor and his wife had had their baby.  We were all very excited.  We went to eat, and enjoyed our time with Grammy and Poppy very much.  Then we went to the hospital to meet the newest member of our church family.  He was absolutely precious!!  And so very tiny!  We were very glad that the Oldest Princess was able to meet baby C before she left, because she was afraid that he would be born after she was gone.  We left the hospital and came home with full hearts.

Friday, September 2 - It was a good day.  We finished school and came home.  The girls, My Prince and I all went to eat.  We left there and went by and picked up Grammy and Poppy.  From there we went to the football game.  We were having a good time visiting with friends, and watching the game.  I had stepped over to talk to some friends whose son had left for college a few weeks before.

I heard the crowd react to a hit, but my eyes were not on the game so I did not see it.  I turned to see what had happened, and I see all of the players moving except one.  One is laying face down on the field not moving.  I knew by the shoes which one it was.  It was the one that belonged to me.  It was the Young Prince.  I stood up and continued to watch.  My heart growing sicker every second that he did not move.  I moved over to where my Prince was.  We watched as the medics on the field, and the coaches went over to him.  I watched as he moved his left arm and leg, but never saw his right side move at all.  My Prince walked down to the sideline, but I could not move.  They motioned us over, so we went out on the field.  The medic told me that he had a something, on his C-something, and that she recommended that we "transport".  All the while, she was holding his neck stable.  I have no idea what all that meant.  She said that since we were there, she would defer the decision to us, as his parents.  It was all I could do not to throw up at this point.  I had no idea what to do or say.  My Prince got down on the ground to look the Young Prince in the eyes, and the Young Prince told him that he was okay.

A fan from the other team came out on the field and told us that he was a doctor.  He asked if we cared if he checked out the Young Prince.  I told him please!  I was glad to have someone look at him that could give us an idea of what to do.  They allowed the Young Prince to get up.  The doctor pressed on his neck and asked him a few questions.  He told us that he would not go spend the night in an emergency room, but that we should take him home and let him shower and get some rest.  He told us to take him to our doctor, or to an urgent care doctor the next day if there were any problems.  We let him stay on the side lines through the third quarter and then we took him home.  He said he was fine, just sore.  When we got home, he was hungry, so he showered and ate and then went to bed.  I was very thankful for all of our sweet friends who prayed for the Young Prince and for us during that very scary time.  And I was very thankful that what could have turned out to be very serious, turned out in the best way possible.

Saturday, September 3 - I wrote in the notebook that the Oldest Princess and I have passed back and forth over the years, and later I slipped it under her pillow for her to find when she went to bed that night.  A little last minute "motherly" advice - 10 pages of it - I had a lot that I wanted to say, and I wanted her to have it written down, so she could remember it all.  What I would give to have something like that from my mother.

The Young prince woke up feeling okay, just a little sore, praise the Lord!

The Oldest Princess wanted to go to a local Japanese restaurant to eat lunch.

I did several loads of laundry, and helped the Oldest Princess pack and organize a few things.

The Oldest Princess went to her volleyball coach's house to eat dinner and see her and her family for a few minutes.

We hung out and had a quiet evening at home, just the five of us. And then we went to bed.

Sunday, September 4 - I woke up feeling sad.  I went down to sit with My Prince for a few minutes.  I sat down at the table and the tears started flowing.  My Prince was busy looking over his sermon again.  Finally he looked up and asked me what was wrong.  I told him I had done great  up until this point, and that I was allowed a few tears.  So I just cried.  Pretty soon, he was crying along with me, and then we were laughing at ourselves crying.  I knew going to church and everyone talking about it being the day we left, would be hard.  I told him that I felt like those people in the Bible who had leprosy and had to call out "Unclean!  Unclean!" to warn people who might come near them.  Only I felt like I needed to call out "Unstable! Unstable!"  because it was possible that I would burst into tears at any minute, and needed to warn people.  But as I got started moving, and getting ready, it did get a little better.

Church went well, and I did pretty good until we were shaking hands at the end, and several people gave me hugs. I do well until someone shows me a little sympathy, and then it is all over.  So I did cry a little then.

We came home and finished packing up everything.  The Oldest Princess's friend C came home from college for the weekend and stopped by to tell the Oldest Princess goodbye.  It was good to see her again and to talk to her for a little while.  But then it was time to load up the car and get on the road.

I rode with the Oldest Princess who drove her car, and we followed My Prince, the Young Prince and the Youngest Princess.  We got to the hotel that evening, and pretty much went straight to bed, because we were all tired.

Monday, September 5 - We got up and got ready.  We went to the college and got the Oldest Princess checked in.  She had her student ID card made.  She text her friend who came down and verified that they were in the same room.  We watched a quick introductory video, and then got busy trying to check things off of her to do list given to us by the college.

I noticed a couple that looked familiar.  It was a family that we went to church with about 19 years ago.  I don't think we have seen them for about 18 years.  They were there dropping off their youngest daughter.  It was good to see them again.  We talked for just a minute and then said good-bye.  I had hoped that we would run into them again, but we never did.

We, along with the help of the Oldest Princess's roommate and a friend of hers got all of the Oldest Princess's stuff moved from the car to the room.  The Youngest Princess helped to make the Oldest Princess's bed.  We put a few things away, and then the Oldest Princess had a math placement test to take.  So she went on her way, and we waited for her.

She finished her test pretty quickly, and then we tackled opening the mailbox.  They have combination locks, and it takes a little getting used to to get into them.  She had a card from Aunt T.

We had a couple of meetings to go to.  Then we went to dinner, back to the hotel to freshen up, and back to the college for opening night revival service.  While we were standing there waiting for the Oldest Princess to meet us before church, I heard a noise and looked up, and the Blue Angels were flying right over our heads.  I said, "Blue Angels!  Blue Angels!" so everyone else would not miss them, and then I grabbed my phone and tried to get to my camera to get a picture of them, but my pictures were so late that it does not really do the moment justice.  The Oldest Princess came pretty quickly after that, and we went in for the service.  It was good, and after the service we walked over with her for a freshman connection thing they were doing.

The Youngest Princess figured out that she would be the class of 2028.  We waited around for the Oldest Princess, and met some other parents who were waiting for their daughter as well.  The Oldest Princess came out telling us that a guy from the college had introduced her and another girl to a couple of guys, then told them to talk, and walked away.  She said the name of the two guys.  I asked her if the one guy was the son of our friends who is going there.  She said she wasn't sure, but that she bet he was.  So My Prince goes back into the room to talk to him and see if it was.  It did turn out to be the son of our friends.  We were hoping that they would meet, so it was neat that it worked out that way.

We talked to the man who worked there, and he ended up giving the Youngest Princess a button that said Class of 2020 (they were giving them to all of the freshmen), and telling her that she could just use a sharpie and make the last 0 into an 8.  It was pretty funny.  We walked the Oldest Princess to her dorm, and then left to go back to the hotel.

The Youngest Princess cried when we got back.  She begged us not to leave her sissy, or for us to move there close to the college.  She finally went to sleep.

Tuesday, September 6 - The Oldest Princess went early that morning to get registered for her classes. She text to say that she was done about the time we were leaving the hotel.  She had a couple of things she wanted us to run by the store and pick up for her, so we did that and then went to the college to meet her.

When I got there, she was sitting in the common area copying her schedule into her planner.  She looked up at me with big tears in her eyes and asked me to let her pack and just go home with us.  I understood.  I have been there.  Those first few days can be overwhelming.  And she was feeling overwhelmed. I encouraged her to stick it out, that it would get better.

We went with her to get her books.  The Young Prince, the Youngest Princess and I stayed out in the hall, while My Prince went in with her to help her buy her books for the first time.  We did that and then let her take her books back to her room.

The Youngest Princess was pretty much a barnacle on her sister's side the entire day.  We went to eat lunch.  Then we went back to the college for a little while longer before we had to leave.

The Young Prince went up to get a table near the coffee shop, so he could plug in his phone.  I went to the restroom, and the girls went with My Prince to park the car.  When I caught up with the Young Prince, he was sitting at a table with another young man.  I figured that the young man thought that the Young Prince was a college student, and that he was just looking for someone to talk to.  My Prince and the Youngest Princess got there just a couple of minutes after me. My Prince told the young man his name and asked him where he was from. We made small talk with him for a few minutes, and then the Oldest Princess walked up.  The young man said, "Your daughter is beautiful."  My Prince said, "Excuse me?"  and the young man said it again, "Your daughter is beautiful."  As my niece used to say..."Awkward City. Population 6"  My Prince thanked the young man for his compliment (?).  It was a little uncomfortable to say the least.  The Oldest Princess mentioned that she was out of data on her phone, and My Prince said that he would make a call and take care of that. That reminded me that we should get the wifi turned on on her phone before we left, so the girls and I left Awkward City to go to the wifi help to get her phone connected.  My Prince went outside to make  the call to get the data fixed, and left the Young Prince with the young man.  The Young Prince said that the young man said, "Your family appears wealthy."  I asked him if he said back,"Dude, my dad's in the ministry, and we don't have have dirt!"  And then told him he should have said, "Yes, we are wealthy in the Lord's blessings." because we surely are that.  Wow.  When we finished, I text My Prince and asked them to come to us, so we would not have to go back to that situation.  So they came downstairs.  The young man came down shortly thereafter, and sat across the room from us.  I think he was just lonely and needing someone to talk to.  Maybe he was trying a little to hard.  I felt bad for him, and I pray that he finds some good friends while he is there.

Way before we were ready, it was time for us to go.  I hated to leave her, knowing she was overwhelmed and feeling lonely, but I also knew that in just a few short days, that she would be settled in and much more comfortable, with plenty of new friends.  I am in a Pastor's wives group on Facebook and I shot out a quick prayer request for the Oldest Princess.  One of the other ladies came back that they had just left there daughter and asked where we were.  I told her.  Same college.  She got the Oldest Princess's number, and before we left, her daughter who is a sophomore had contacted our daughter and they had planned to meet for dinner that night.  It helped me to leave her knowing that she had plans and would not be alone that night.  And it was very sweet of them to go out of their way to help her feel more comfortable, when they had never met us before.  Lord willing, I will be able to meet my Facebook friend and her daughter and give them both a big hug of thanks before too long.

We said our tearful goodbyes.  The Youngest Princess cried herself to sleep in the car.  The rest of us stayed pretty quiet.  Lost in our thoughts.  The Oldest Princess text me before we were halfway home and told me we could still turn around and come back and get her.

I think that night was the toughest on her.  But she had a good time with her new friends at dinner and church, so I knew she would be okay.  She had a good support group of family calling and checking on her as well, and I think that helped too.

Wednesday, September 7 - My Prince's birthday.  It was a normal day for us here at home.  We had a picture of the Oldest Princess's schedule, so we knew when she had classes and when she was done. My Prince and I both checked on her from time to time to see how it was going.  She was upbeat for most of the day.  And that made me feel better.  She knew one guy in one of her classes.  One of the guys she had met at the freshman connect thing on Monday night.  She ate lunch with a precious lady that had been her babysitter when she was young, and who now works in the English department there at the college.  It made my momma heart happy to know that they had connected, and were able to have lunch and talk.  It makes me happy to know that J is there and that the Oldest Princess can call on her if she needs to.  At church that night, they had a cake and some balloons for My Prince.  That helped to make the day a little more special for him, as well as all the goodies people brought him throughout the day.  After church we had a meeting, and then we came home and tried to help the Youngest Princess get her homework done and into bed.

Thursday, September 8 - We had school and work.  After school I went and got my hair cut.  The Young Prince had football practice.  When we all got back together again, we left to go and meet Grammy and Poppy for dinner to celebrate My Prince's birthday.  We had a good time at dinner.  The Young Prince was in rare form, and he kept us laughing most of the time.  We came home, finished homework, face-timed with the Oldest Princess and went to bed.

Friday, September 9 - A pretty regular day at school and work.  There was a pep rally, and the Youngest Princess got to do her cheer routine with her little squad.  They are really cute.

Then after school the Youngest Princess, My Prince and I ran and got something to eat, and pretty much went right back to the school for the Homecoming football game.  The Young Prince played hard and about 3/4 of the way into the 1st quarter made a tackle and hit his head on the ground.  He said he blacked out for a few seconds.  The paramedics who were there made him sit out the rest of the game.  They also said that he will have to see a doctor before he can be allowed to play again.  Have I ever told you that I am not a big fan of football?  And now you know why.

We text back and forth with the Oldest Princess again.  She said that the guy she had met the first night, and had a class with, had asked her to dinner.  We teased her a little back and forth about that.  She went to dinner with him and then they had another freshman connection where they met up with some other friends, and she seemed to have had a good time.  I was glad.  She got her first grade back, and she made a 100, so that was exciting.  I sent her the video of her sister's pep rally cheer routine, and pictures of the homecoming court and the winners.  We talked, after it was all said and done, for a few minutes.  I was glad to know that she had had a good day.

It is hard with her being away.  But at the same time, I have a peace.  I know that she is where she needs to be.  I know that she will have great experiences and learn and grow like never before while she is there.  I miss her like crazy, but I know that what she will experience these next four years will be priceless.  I know that God will take care of her.  I know she can handle the challenge before her, even if she does not believe it herself.  I am excited for her, and pray for her daily to learn what God has for her.  I look forward to seeing how God will use her to further His kingdom and glorify Him.

And now...the daunting task of catching up has been accomplished.  And I think I will get some rest. If you have made it this far with me, you probably need some rest too!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Until I blog again...

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