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Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10, 2016

I was awakened this morning by the Youngest Princess crawling into bed with me.  My Prince had already left to go meet with his Discipleship group.  She told me that she had a crick in her neck and she needed to lay with me, so of course I let her.  We snuggled and dozed a little more.  My Prince got home, and I got up.  The Youngest Princess was quick to follow me downstairs.  I did some house work, and laundry, laundry and more laundry.

My sister called and we talked for two hours.  Maybe we need to talk more often so we don't have to talk so long.  But we had lots to catch each other up on, so it took us a while.

I took a shower and ate lunch.  The Youngest Princess had a birthday party to go to, so I took her to that.  It was a swim party, so the moms sat around and talked while the kids swam.  It was nice to have time to just sit and talk to friends for a while.

After the party, we came home.  My Prince grilled hamburgers, and we ate dinner.  Then we watched the football game.  My Prince's team won, so that is always a plus.  Makes for a happier Prince, which makes for a happier me.

The Young Prince and I ran to a local store so he could get some dog food.  I parked next to one of our church members, whose husband and daughter were in the store, and we talked for a few minutes.

I text back and forth with the Oldest Princess off and on throughout the day.  She studied, went to lunch with a friend, and then out with a group of friends, and "that boy" again.  She said they watched the game for a while and then bowled.  I asked her who she was going to church with tomorrow, and she said "he" asked her to go with him and his brother and a group of their friends.   So it sounds like she is doing okay.  I did get a picture of her and a couple of friends, so I can put a face to some of the names I hear.  I told her I like pictures.  Evidently it's not very "cool" to take pictures and send them to your mom back home, though, because the pictures are few and far between.

The Youngest Princess is still struggling and missing her big sister.  We read only one little short story tonight.  We are reading from a book called More Stories from Grandma's Attic now that we have finished all of the Mandie books.  We usually try to read about four of them a night, because they are really short, but it was late tonight, so we only read one.  She asked the Young Prince to stay with us while we read, and he did.  He is a pretty good big brother.

She is asleep beside me while I type.  The Young Prince is in his bed, and My Prince is downstairs doing some last minute studying.  Tomorrow will be a long and busy, so I guess I will call it a day.

Until I blog again...

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