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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week in our Bible class we talked about how the Israelites had a grumbling complaining spirit even after all the wondrous things that they had seen the Lord do. We shake our heads and wonder why they couldn't just be thankful for ALL the Lord had done. When in reality, we are a lot like them. We grumble and complain, when we see daily all the things the Lord has done for us. Oh, please join me in finding God in the unexpected places in our lives, and let's not be grumblers and complainers like the Israelites. The opposite of a grumbling, complaining spirit is a thankful heart! If we are praising God and thanking Him, we have no time to grumble and complain.

A few things I am thankful for this week...

*An important invitation

*An answered prayer

*A date

*The ability and opportunity to be a part of helping others

*That the oldest princess is old enough to watch the younger two for short periods of time

*Plans that only God could work out

*A two year prayer answered

*Another soul bound for Heaven

*A loss that helps us remember how wonderful it feels to win.

*That the youngest princess still asks me to read to her, and soaks up every minute of it

*The blessing of talking heart to heart with my children

*Chilli on a cold day

*Knowing that my children all have a personal relationship with the Lord

*The oldest princess' willingness to serve outside of her comfort zone

*The young prince's willingness to serve God even in areas that are not his favorite

*The youngest princess' willingness to serve as long as it's on the stage and she is in the spotlight

*Over 3,000 page views - I never would have dreamed!

*Crickets chirping their praise to God, and time between trains to actually be able to hear them

*The fun of being a teacher

*Someone who cared about a simple preference

*That my children still share their thoughts and feelings with their Daddy and me

*Connections that bring help quickly when it is really needed

*A truth affirmed to keep Satan's lies at bay

*That God has blessed me with a wonderful family

*A peaceful (even if sometimes chaotic) home

*A husband that is way better than I deserve

*Teens that say "Thank you"

Thank You, Lord for being so huge, and caring for even the tiniest details in our lives! Help me to always see You, and how You are working in our lives. Help me not to fall into a grumbling, complaining spirit like the Israelites. Please help me to always have a thankful heart.

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