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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Times in the Fall

Every October, our school has a Fall Break.  This year, because of our crazy busy September, we decided to stay at home.  We did go join some friends of ours for a day of fun at a local pumpkin patch.  Here are pictures of a few of the great things we did while we were there.
We enjoyed the giant slides and bouncy house things :-).  I love the youngest princess' spread eagle total abandon sliding stance. She was completely enjoying every minute of it!

Of course with all of the hay, and pumpkins, and scarecrows and such, I had to pause to get a few pictures of the kids...Look at those blue eyes!

My beautiful oldest princess...she will soon be out of those braces :-)!  And I love the red, white and blue fingernail polish!  Those are our school colors...always looking for creative ways to show our school spirit!

And the young prince...isn't he so cool!  I love that even though he was totally tired of taking pictures by this time, you can't even tell it.  He was still a great sport!

Then we took a covered wagon ride to the actual pumpkin patch, and let the kids pick out their own pumpkins...our only stipulation was that they had to be able to carry the  pumpkin that they picked out.

Then we took pictures in the field of sunflowers.  My friend's little boy wanted to be in the picture too, so I told him sure, to get in there.  He did!  Too funny!!!  Can anyone say Where's Waldo?

We had a great time and just wanted to share a little of it with you.

And last but not of my students found a HUGE praying mantis, and brought it to school.  Her mom forbid her to bring it back home.  So, knowing that the youngest princess would totally LOVE it, I brought it home.  The youngest princess did love it, and helped me to release it in our bushes, where it will be very happy.  It was really big, and really of course we HAD to take a picture of it. 

Our prayer is that you and your family are enjoying the beauty of fall just as we are.

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