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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday. I am counting some of my many blessings over the past week. I hope you are as well!

*Another win for our football team

*A chance to see my second favorite team play, if only for a little while

*A stay at home Saturday

*Goodbyes that mean our friends are that much closer to the mission field

*Unexpected opportunities

*Hearing not one, not two, but three precious souls sing from their hearts to the Lord

*Being able to help out my friend, and make the littlest princess' night, at the same time

*That I GET to go to the dentist, when I don't HAVE to go, especially when others around the world do not have that luxury

*No cavities

*A fun day with the family and friends

*Dinner at the dinner table

*Plans that didn't look like they were going to work out...worked out after all

*Watching tv with the young prince

*Fall clothes and decorations

*A date with my handsome prince

*A delicious dinner

*A POWERFUL movie that I know will change lives

*Great friends who watched our children, and made our date possible

*Time at home to get things done

*Sharing our bounty of blessings with others

*Visitors at church and Ignite teens

*A tenderhearted child who loves and considers others

*The trust that comes with the sharing of a prayer request

*A child that entertains us with her antics

*An appointment I've been waiting on

*Peace, when My spirit is anxious

*Mercy, when I don't deserve it

*Grace, when I most need it

These are the things, plus many more for which I am thankful for this week. I am constantly amazed by how God works in both the big and little details in our lives. I love looking back and seeing how all the pieces fit together perfectly. God is so good!

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