Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow! My Thankful Thursday list is long this week. God's blessings are abundant, if we but take the time to look for them...

*A few minutes alone, in the midst of a CRAZY week

*A friend who's encouragement blessed my heart

*The vet that was out of medicine, and gave us FREE samples instead

*Relaxing piano music on Pandora radio

*Fun times with friends we love

*A sick child that is feeling better

*A long awaited game, finally here

*A great night's sleep after a long, busy week

*A son whose heart is in the right place, and who is man enough to own up to his mistakes, even if it means he might get in trouble

*Blessings in disguise

*My children using their talents to serve the Lord

*Prayers of friends

*The privilege of prayer

*Books that make me think

*A daughter who is competitive, and tries her best

*Deer that stay on the side of the road

*A precious few minutes of one on one time with my young prince

*Peace in the midst of uncertainties

*A grandmother who is feeling better.

*An answered prayer for one of our teens, and a big smile on her face

*A teen who accepted Christ after Ignite

*A husband who has a burden for lost souls

*Valuable lessons learned from a woman on her own thankful journey

*Circumstances that humble us, and draw us closer to the Lord

*The playful banter of siblings

Dear Lord, I thank you for all of this, and SO much more!

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