Two Tiaras and a Sword

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Fruit of the my mailbox!?!

There it sat, pretty as you please, on top of the mail in the mailbox. It was a pear. A pear? In our mailbox? What in the world? Marc handed it to the littlest princess, who ran to me laughing..."Mommy! We learned about pairs in school today!" Did it have something to do with that? No, because when she handed it to me, it had this message written on it...

How creative and cool is that!?! It made me happy. And, it made me think. Someone thought of us today, and did a small deed. It probably didn't take much money, and only a little time, but it meant the world to us! It was love in action. It was encouraging, and uplifting. It was totally unexpected, and therefore a very pleasant surprise.

Someone shared a fruit, and an encouraging message with us. But more than that, they shared one of the fruits of the So yes, there actually was a fruit of the spirit in my mailbox!

How often do we have the resources to do little things like this for those around us? How often do we take advantage of those opportunities? Or, unfortunately, how often do we miss out on them? I was blessed by a friend's thoughtfulness. I pray that when I have a chance to be a blessing, I will not miss it.

Thank you, to the sweet person who did this little act of love for us today! Your thoughts and actions blessed us, and encouraged us to do the same for others.

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