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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012

Happy New Year!  I pray that this year brings many wonderful things for you!  I pray that you grow and learn.  I pray that you laugh and love.  I pray that you achieve things you never thought were possible.  I hope you are happy and grateful for all God has blessed you with.  I pray you are surrounded by those you love.

In the spirit of all of the end of the year countdowns, I thought I would post my top ten most viewed blog posts from  2012...just in case you might have missed one the first time around (wink, wink).  Just click the link, and it will take you right to the blog post.

1. - A precious story about my family

2. - Where I share an  "Unglued" moment

3. - About the dangers of the medication that caused my father's death

4. - A heart to heart talk with teens, and some adults about what the pictures they post on social media outlets says to others

5. - My most popular Thankful Thursday of the year

6. - The most popular Youngest Princess Says of the year

7. - A fun look at our Christmas last year...stay tuned in for this year's sometime soon...

8. - Is God there even when we can't see or feel Him?

9. - A crazy happening that reminded me of a life lesson

10. - Possibly one of my favorites for the year...with an update

Hopefully you have read some or even all of these.  But even more than that, hopefully they have blessed you in some way!  Thank you for reading my feeble attempts at sharing what is on my heart!

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