Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

For all these things, which barely scratch the surface, and many more, I am thankful to the Lord...

*For parties at school and fun times with my class

*For half days, and getting out early

*For a husband that is willing to give me up so that I can go to the family Christmas

*For my wonderful Mother-in-law who made the 8 hour trek with me, and even drove most of the way

*For safe travels

*For precious time with my awesome nieces and nephews, and great nephew

*For laughter and love

*For a sweet play that gave the Gospel clearly

*For pictures that I will treasure forever

*For warm fires

*For quiet peaceful moment that allows me to pause in the midst of the business, and sit at His feet, and worship Him for coming as a baby in a manger, knowing already exactly what He would face in the end

*For safety for my prince and Father-in-law as they drove most of the night to join us for Christmas

*For being together again

*For an aunt who went out of her way to make pies and show her love

*For Christmas trees that blow over but do not break

*For Christmas gifts and great memories

*For the smiles that say we bought the right thing

*For playing with my children

*For another year of life marked on the calendar and all of the blessings it brought with it

*For gifts that we would never buy ourselves, but will definitely enjoy

*For a wonderful niece who helped to put together a whole Leggo town

*For a fun day meeting someone I've watched a few times on television

*For a delicious dinner

*For a fun evening playing games and laughing with the family

*For being in the country where I lose track of the days, and almost forget that it is Thursday

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