Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday 3

So many blessings this week!  God is gracious and loving.  He deserves the glory for every good thing that ever happens.  I am thankful to Him for the following, and much, much, more...

*Lessons learned from God's Word

*Friends who share what they have learned, and things that have helped them in their walk with the Lord

*Finding Tex, and bringing him home again

*The youngest princess' tears turned to smiles

*The young prince standing up for his sister

*A JV win

*The smiles on the boys' faces

*Fun times fellowshiping with people I love

*A fun time watching the youngest princess play

*A fun day for our family with friends

*A quiet evening at home so the prince could study

*Grace in the tough times

*Timely answers to prayers

*An awesome Sunday morning

*Crock pot dinners that are ready when you walk in the door

*Fun with some sweet children who make me laugh

*Laughing with my prince

*Clearing up a misunderstanding

*A warm, dry home on a cold, wet night

*God's strength, when mine is gone

*Watching the Youngest Princess use her imagination

*Seeing others get excited about learning God's Word

*Young couples making wise choices

*Another win for the JV team

*Snuggle time with the youngest princess

*A successful surgery for a wonderful little boy

*A chance to minister to someone I've been praying for

God is good!  His blessings flow abundantly, we only need to look around us and actually notice them.  Praying that God will help you see some of His wonderful blessings today.

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