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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 3 - November 8, 2016

Thursday, November 3 - It was a good day.  Pretty much a regular day as far as school went.  I left a few minutes early, in order to go on my yearly girl's night out.  

There is a craft show that comes to town this time every year, and for the last 10 years or so, several of us ladies get together and go shopping, and then out to eat.  The people in the group change from year to year, but we always have a really good time, no matter who goes.  One particular friend and I have remained a constant.  We always walk around and shop together.  One year (4 years ago) we decided to buy a charm bracelet from a man who makes different charms in the shapes of bells.  We are both from Texas, so we bought the Texas bell, and a bracelet.  Then we decided that we would buy a bell to add to our bracelet every year.  This year we bought our fourth bell.  We have a Texas bell, the Christ bell, the family bell, and this year we added the friend bell.  

We have another friend who comes with us sometimes, and this year we added a new friend to our group.  We had a good time walking around and looking at the wide variety of things that were for sale.  We bought very little, but we had fun looking, and of course sampling all of the dips, soups, and seasonings.  

After we finished our shopping in record time, we went to get something to eat.  We knew another group of ladies that were there, and asked them if they wanted to eat with us.  They did, and they actually ended up getting to the restaurant a few minutes before we did.  We had a good time, eating and cutting up with each other.

I had a headache by the time we finished shopping, and it continued to worsen through dinner.  I was feeling pretty yucky by the time we got home.  My friend took me home, and we sat in the driveway and talked for a while longer before I went in.  I pretty much went straight to bed, due to my headache, and wanting to get rid of it.

Friday, November 4 - I got up, did my First 5 devotions, got ready and went to work.  I worked until lunch, and then I had a sub come in for me, because I had company coming that night, and had a few things I still needed to get done to be ready for them.

The Oldest Princess was coming home, and she was bringing two of her new college friends with her.  The Quiet One, and The Crazy (in a fun way) One.  We had met these two friends before when we visited the Oldest Princess several weeks ago, and we liked them both, so we were excited for them all to come.

I got home and finished up the things I needed to do.  I also cooked some chili for dinner.  The girls finally got here.  We ate dinner and visited.  It was fun to have them.  My Prince and The Crazy One went back and forth at each other most of the weekend.  We laughed and picked on each other, but we also had some serious conversations, and prayer time together. 

The Young Prince had already gone to bed a little earlier and the Youngest Princess had fallen asleep in her daddy's chair.  It was after mid-night when we all ended up going upstairs to bed.

Saturday, November 5 - My Prince got up bright and early to go to his D-group meeting.  I got up shortly after him, and got my shower and started my day.  The Young Prince was up a couple of hours later, getting ready for a youth group outing that he was going on.  The Youngest Princess, and the Oldest Princess were the next ones up.  The Youngest Princess was chomping at the bit for the other girls to get up.  

The Oldest Princess had arranged for us to keep Super C while the youth group went on their outing.  So our youth pastor and his wife brought him to us, and took the Young Prince with them.  They were doing a Compassion Walk, and then buying items for Christmas shoeboxes, and then to see the movie  I Am Not Ashamed.  

While they were gone, we all had a blast taking care of Super C.  He is such a sweetheart!!  He already had my heart, but I think he won over a few more while he was here.

Also, I had decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner for the girls while they were here, because other than the meal at the college, they would not get a Thanksgiving meal.  It was nothing elaborate, but hopefully it was better than what they will have at college.  

The Youngest Princess went to spend the night with a friend, and the Young Prince made it back home.  Our youth pastor and his wife dropped the Young Prince off and picked up Super C.  We were glad that the Young Prince was home, but we hated to see Super C have to leave.  Have I mentioned how sweet he is?

We ate our Thanksgiving dinner.  After dinner, we pulled out the Dutch Blitz cards and played a few hands.  The Young Prince did not play, but terrorized us with the nerf bow, and the blow up princess wand.  After a while, he left to go and spend the night with a friend, and things calmed down a little.

Again, we sat and visited, and watched football.  I kept dozing off, and the Crazy One kept waking me up yelling at the television.  Finally, I could stay awake no longer and decided that I had to go to bed and get some sleep.  

My Prince took a quick nap, and then got up and studied for a while, before coming to bed for the night.

Sunday, November 6 - It was a good morning.  Everything went smoothly with us all getting ready for church.  I barely knew the girls were there until it was about time to leave for church.  The Youngest Princess and I both had on the same dress - different colors - and did not even know it until it was almost time to go.

Sunday school and church went very well.  

After church, we went to eat at one of our local Mexican food restaurants.  Time went by way too fast, and when we were done, the girls had to head back to college.  We enjoyed having them, and were so glad that they were able to come.  It was sad to see them go.

We returned home.  I did some studying for my Sunday night group and for my Bible Drill class.  And I took a quick nap on the couch.  Then it was time to go back to church.  

My group went well.  Two of us could not be there, and that left only two of us.  But it was good time of sharing and encouragement.

My Bible Drill class went well also.  The kids picked up on the night's verse quickly and most of them remember the verses we have already worked on, so we had a good night.

After church we came home and had leftovers from Saturday for dinner.

Then we got things in order for the next morning, and I read to the Youngest Princess and we went to bed.

Monday, November 7 - I woke up and did my First 5 devotion and got ready for school.  It was a nice, normal day.  We got in there, got busy and got things done.  After school, the Youngest Princess had tumbling, so I came home by myself.  My Prince and the Young Prince were already at home.  I relaxed for a while, and My Prince left to go and pick up dinner and the Youngest Princess.

When he got back home, the kids did homework, and ate dinner, and then we got ready to go to the church for our special monthly prayer meeting.  We wanted to pray for our country and upcoming elections.  We had a very sweet time of prayer with our church family.  We were not praying for God to preserve "the American dream", but for God to move in ways that stir up His people, and turn us back to Him.

After the prayer meeting, we came home, and got ready for today.  I talked to my niece for a few minutes.  She had been to the viewing for my uncle who had passed away on Thursday.  She was telling me about some of the family members we haven't seen in a while, and how they were doing.  She told me about meeting a man that used to work with my Dad, and how he told stories of my Daddy.  I would have loved to have been there.  When we finished talking, the Youngest Princess and I read together and then went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 8 - I got up this morning and read my First 5 devotion.  Then I got ready for work.  Of course the elections were on everyone's mind.  The Youngest Princess, who for the first time is old enough to realize what is going on, and actually care about it, was very excited.  "It is election day!!"  She exclaimed as she came into my room.

At school, the election was the major topic of conversation.  The girls wanted to know what time we would know who had won.  I told them it would probably be after they went to bed tonight.  One of them said, "So, when you wake up, if your parents are happy, you will know that Trump won.  If they are sad, you will know that Hillary won."

They wanted to have a class vote.  I made up little ballots, with the names just as they appeared on the actual ballots.  That included the two independent candidates and their running mates.  The class voted unanimously for Trump.  So, if it were up to my 5th grade class, Trump would be president.

My Prince came to eat lunch with me, and the Youngest Princess ran over and wanted to know if he had any updates on the Presidential race.  He told her no, that we would not know anything until much later tonight.

After school, we went straight to the town hall to vote.  There was a ton of people there, and there was barely room to move around, but I am very thankful to be able to exercise my right to vote.

After voting, we stopped by the house to pick up the Young Prince.  Then we were going to celebrate voting by eating at one of our favorite local restaurants, but when we got there, there was a sign that they were now closing on Tuesdays.  We were all bummed.  But we changed plans and went to a different restaurant instead.  

Then we came home.  The Young Prince, and the Youngest Princess worked on homework.  My Prince and I began watching the election coverage.  

We took a break from the coverage for My Prince to quiz the Youngest Prince to see if she was ready for her History test tomorrow.  As he was quizzing her, I started trying to beat her to the answer, which woke up her little competitive spirit, and the competition was on.  We played twice.  I beat her both times, but she did come closer to beating me the second time, than she did the first time, so she was improving, which was my goal.

The Youngest Princess got ready for bed.  I read tonight's chapter of Anne of Green Gables to her.  Now she is watching a movie, the Young Prince is playing video games, and My Prince and I are continuing to watch the election results.  I don't know if I will be able to stay awake for the whole thing, but I plan to try.  And so I will leave you with that.

Until I blog again...

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