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Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 16 - 17, 2016

Wednesday, November 16 - It was a good day.  Same morning routine.

School went pretty well.  I had to finish early for the cheerleaders to go have their pictures made.  Out of nine girls, six of them cheer.  So that left me with three students.  I let two of them work on homework, while I worked with the third on getting some makeup work done.

I left as soon as school was out and went to get my hair cut.  My Prince picked up the Youngest Princess and took her home.

The Young Prince made a hash brown casserole for the youth group Thanksgiving dinner/cook off.  He did a great job, and even won second place in the side dish category.  I was very proud of him.

My Prince and the Youngest Princess worked on homework.  I was very thankful for his help with her.

After church, the boys stayed downstairs to watch a show, and the Youngest Princess and I went upstairs to get ready for bed and read.

We talked to the Oldest Princess for just a few minutes, and then we read a chapter of Anne of Avonlea.  When our chapter was done, we both decided that we were hungry, so we went back downstairs and heated up some leftovers from dinner, and ate and visited with the boys for a while.

Then we went back upstairs, and read one more chapter before we went to sleep.

Thursday, November 17 - I woke up this morning, and did my First 5 devotion.  It was good this morning.  It was about Mary and how she pondered things in her heart.  It is funny, because I am doing a 90 days through the New Testament reading plan, and just yesterday, I read that passage of scripture from Luke, and it was on my heart.  I had been thinking all day yesterday about how Mary pondered things in her heart, and how I too, should ponder things in my heart.  I think all too often we are quick to speak, and do not ponder things in our hearts much anymore.  I want to be like Mary and ponder things in my heart.  I want to think things and matters through before I run my mouth, and decide if anything needs to be said at all.  Sometimes, things are just better left unsaid.  So, anyway, it was cool that I had been "pondering" on that off and on yesterday, and then that was the topic of the First 5 devotions this morning.  I love it when God confirms what He lays on my heart.  Don't you love those times in your own life?

School went well overall.  The girls are ready for Thanksgiving break, and they are hard to keep headed in the same direction.  Their attention spans are shrinking by the hour.  Which does not bode well for tomorrow, and all the tests we have to take.  But we will get through.  We always do.  And then we will have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with our families, and come back to school ready to learn for a few weeks before the Christmas bug hits us, and we will struggle again.  Same cycle, different year.  Great group of girls though, and I am loving every minute of this school year.  I am sad that it is going by so fast.

After school, I had my yearly eye exam.  I have been noticing lately that especially when teaching math, I have a hard time reading the answers in my book.  The pages are shrunk down, so the teacher notes can fit around the edges.  And the answers are in a turquoise blue color.  On top of that, we are doing fractions, so the answers are even smaller.  So yep.  I'm getting old.  I told my optometrist (that is one of our spelling words this week) about my troubles.  After my eye exam, he told me that I could go buy some readers, and that they would help me be able to see and that they would also help my eyes to be able to relax a little more when I am reading and such.

So, we stopped by the drug store on the way home, and (sad sigh) bought me some reading glasses.  It is amazing the difference they make (another sad sigh).  So if you see me sporting my new spectacles, please be kind, and don't tease me too much about getting old.  I am trying to grow old gracefully, but some days it is harder than others.

We came home and ate dinner.  The Youngest Princess had finished her written homework, and she and the Young Prince were watching a Chronicles of Narnia movie.  We all watched it together for a little while.  Then we straightened up a little.

Now the Youngest Princess is getting ready for bed.  My Prince and the Young Prince are doing a minor home repair, and I am about to go upstairs and read to the Youngest Princess when she is ready.  Tomorrow is Friday, and that makes me happy!

Until I blog again...

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