Two Tiaras and a Sword

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 7, 2016

I woke up and did my First 5 devotion.  Then I had a relaxed morning.  Just getting things done around the house.  I spent some time studying my lesson for VBS, and then I got ready for my day.

My Prince asked me to go out with him for a lunch date with him. Of course I told him I would! I never pass up an opportunity to spend time with My Prince!  The place we wanted to go was closed on Mondays, so we had to resort to plan B, but we still had a great time, and enjoyed one another's company.  I love being with My Prince, and any time we get to be with just one other is always special to me.

After lunch we came home and I got a few more things done around the house before all the kids came home.

The Youngest Princess had fallen at her friends house and had scraped her knee and ankle, so I loved on her and got her cleaned up and bandaged up and ready to go to VBS.  Then she rested for a few minutes while the rest of us got ready.

We left for VBS.  After we got there, My Prince found out that a man that has been visiting our church for a few months went home and prayed and gave his life to the Lord after VBS the night before.  We were very excited to hear about that.  I also found out that one of our church children - one of my Bible Drill kiddos - also accepted the Lord as her savior at the end of VBS the night before.  And then there was one more salvation that we heard about as well!!  Praise the Lord!  So exciting!!

The young lady that accepted the Lord as her savior the night before came over to me and before I even had a chance to ask her, she told me that she had done some of the pages in the follow-up workbook I gave her!  That thrilled my heart.  I had fully intended to ask her if she had done any of it, and if she had any questions, and before I could even ask, she was telling me she had.  Makes my heart smile - big!

We did VBS, and at the end, we had the GLOW PARTY.  The kids LOVE the glow party.  Even better this year, Lifeway put out flashing, yo-yo fish to go with the Submerged theme.  So each child got a flashing, yo-yo fish for the glow party.  The kids loved them!

After VBS was over, we had a short meeting.  Then My Prince asked me if I could help him for a minute.  The lady who is engaged to the man who had gotten saved the night before wanted to talk to us.  She was in tears and said that she wanted to re-dedicate her life to the Lord!  Woo Hoo!  SO EXCITING!  I love to have the privilege to be a tiny part in God's great big, huge, awesome plan!  I love to see God move in the lives of people!  There is nothing better!  We talked to her and prayed with her, and then we came home.

At home, we talked and snacked a little and then we all decided to call it a night.  A good night. A very good night.  After a very good day.

Until I blog again...

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