Two Tiaras and a Sword

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

I woke up this morning after sleeping in a little, and saw both of the older kids off to work.  Then I spent some time reading my First 5 devotion.

I did some laundry, and just spent the morning relaxing with My Prince. The Oldest Princess wanted to know if she could stop back by on her way from getting her hair cut to pick up the Youngest Princess so she could hang out with the little girl that she babysits.  We told her that she could.  So she did.

My Prince and I relaxed and watched a little television.  Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for VBS.  As we walked out the door, rain started drizzling.  When we got to the church, it was pouring.  I dreaded my decision to wear flip flops, because my feet were soaked, despite the fact that we had workers with big umbrellas helping people get from their cars into the building.

We were early, so I visited with some of my friends and helped them cut out some things that they needed for the craft project that night.

Then I went to the fellowship hall to meet up with my kids.  We were missing one from the night before (but she had told me that she would not be able to be there that night) and we had gained one new one, so we still had 10.

From the fellowship hall, we went to the Worship Rally.  It is always fun, because our skit people do a fantastic job, and the kids love it.

Then we went to crafts, and game time.  Game time was a little sad, because of the rain, which made us have to watch a movie instead.  But the kids were troopers and never complained - until our time was up, and we had to leave before the movie was over.

Then we went to class time.  The lesson was about Nicodemus, and how Jesus saw that he needed a savior.  Of course that led right into the Gospel Presentation, and then the kids had decision cards to fill out to let us know where they were in their relationship with Christ.  I had a couple put down that they just were not ready for a relationship with Christ.  That is heartbreaking, but it is not our intention to force anyone to do anything they are not prepared to do.  I know that both children come from homes where they hear the gospel, and that when they are ready, I feel that they will choose to follow Christ.  We had two put down that they were ready to become a Christian, and that they wanted to talk to someone about it.  And the rest put down that they already were Christians.

Our next class was the missions class, when everyone went in, I pulled aside the two that said that they wanted to be Christians, and My Prince and I talked to them, and explained it a little more to them. One of them accepted Christ as her savior!  Praise the Lord!  She comes from a rough home life, and she will need a lot of support.  Please pray for her as she begins her life long journey with Christ.  Pray that God will send godly people to be there for her and encourage her along the way.  I will be as involved as I can and help and encourage her as much as possible, but she will need others as well.

The young man that  My Prince talked to was hearing the Gospel for pretty much the first time.  It is a lot to take in.  He was not quite ready to pray last night.  He wanted a little more time to think it over and that is fine.  He listened during the lesson probably better than anyone else.  God is moving in his heart. Please pray with us that he will make a decision for Christ soon.

Wow!  This is why we decorate, and study, and dress up, and act silly, and give of our time and talents even when we are tired.  Because God has a plan for each of those precious young people that walk through our doors!  Please continue to cover us with prayer.  We would love to see many more lives changed before the end of the week.  And not just for us, but for all the other VBS's that are happening both near and far.  VBS is still an awesome tool that God uses to change lives.  So exciting!

The Youngest Princess went home with a friend to spend the night.  The rest of us came home and watched a show before calling it a night.

I tried to blog last night, but kept falling asleep around about the third paragraph, so I gave up and thought that I would finish it today.  Such great news, and I was excited to share it with you all!

Until I blog again...

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