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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 26 -27, 2016

Sunday, June 26 - It was a nice Sunday morning without too much drama - that is - until I realized that the youngest princess had not brushed her teeth for three days.  And, because her toothbrush had been packed, it stank.  And of course there was not an extra toothbrush to be found in the house. I told her to brush her teeth with her finger and avoid talking to anyone until after church when we could get her a new toothbrush.  Seriously.  The Oldest Princess came to the rescue by giving her a piece of gum.  Really. What kind of terrible mother am I?  Three days! Ick!  We also had the whole, "You are ten years old" speech.  I do not believe that it will happen again.

Then we had to find shoes that would go with her dress...we made due with what we had, but we will definitely need to make a run to the shoe store before next Sunday.  Why is it so hard for me to remember that the child needs dressy sandals?!?

We finally started to leave, and I noticed that the garage door had been left open. all. night. long.

We leave, and before we even get off of our street, My Prince realizes that he left his baptism bag at the house, so we have to go back and get it.  When we pull in, I see that a lawn chair has been left out in the yard, and have the Young Prince go and get it to put it up.  The front porch was sufficient in his mind as "putting it up", and by that point I was not going to put up a fight.

When I got to Sunday School and I sat down with an unconscious sigh.  Someone noticed and asked me if I were tired or just glad that I had made it.  I answered that I was both.  Sunday mornings.  Sometimes it's a circus.

In Sunday school, we covered the passage in 1 Peter 3, about wives submitting to their husbands.  I know that there are a lot of women who might have a problem with this concept.  I, too, sometimes have trouble depending on the circumstance.  But for the most part, this is not an area in which I struggle greatly.  And I don't say that for my glory, because I have not reached perfection in this area (ask My Prince - he will tell you), I say that to preface some things I have learned and the way that I look at it, that help me to do better in this area of my life.

First, My Prince is a very godly man who loves the Lord and strives to follow Him in every area of his life, and that makes my job to submit to him much easier than some, whose husbands are not walking in ways that please the Lord.

Second, there are two other things that help me in the area of working to be a submissive wife.  The first is trust in God.  If I am trusting God completely, then I trust His plan.  And His plan is that the husband be the head of the home.  So when I submit to my husband, I am essentially submitting to God and His plan, and showing my trust in Him.

The second thing I work to remember is that because God has placed my husband as the head of our home, then my husband is the one who will answer directly to God for his actions and decisions regarding our home and family.  So, when My Prince makes a decision that I might mildly, or sometimes strongly, disagree with, I try to respectfully state my case - because sometimes I see things from a woman's angle that he might not see.  Then I (try to) back away, and pray for him to make the right decision.  And, wether he makes the right decision (in my opinion), because sometimes I am the one who is wrong, or not, I am told by God to submit to him.  My job at this point is to simply obey God and submit to my husband.  And because my husband is the one who answers to God for his decisions, God will hold my husband, not me accountable for those decisions.  I look at it as a safety net, and I am thankful that I am not the one who has to answer to God sometimes.  It makes me thankful for my husband, and for God's perfect plan.

It is a touchy topic, and I know that there are men who take advantage of this, and do not use it at all in the way that God planned.  I know that each of us face a different set of circumstances.  I'm just describing mine, and how it all works for us.  Certainly, if your husband is leading you to sin, or doing something that is physically harmful to you or your children, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional help.  In fact, it would be the wise thing to do.

Okay!  I never meant to go off on that tangent.  Maybe God knows that someone who reads this needed to hear some of that!  If it is you, take what you can and use it for His glory.

In the morning service, we started by baptizing two of the precious children who were saved in our VBS!  It is a wonderful start to a service.  The worship service was also a blessing, and then My Prince preached the first sermon in his "I Will" series, using the book by the same title by Thom S. Rainer.  It was a great sermon, and very applicable to us all.  I especially liked the GCM/JCM part.  And I pray that I am more and more often a JCM, than a GCM.

After church, we went and grabbed a bite to eat.  Then came home. I had some studying I had to get done, and some reading I wanted to get done, so I got busy doing that.  The kids all vanished upstairs, and My Prince had a meeting.  I think we were all able to accomplish pretty much of what we needed to get done before it was time to go back to church.

My 5:00 group study went well.  I love the study we are doing, and it seems like God is working and moving in our lives through it.  I hate that our schedule has been interrupted several times, but I love that they want to move it to a different night of the week when that happens so that we can continue on.  Good stuff!  And so exciting that people are hungry to learn and receive God's word, and apply it to their lives!

The evening service was great as well.  The teen worship team lead praise and worship, and then the people who went on the World Changer trip gave testimonies of how God moved in their lives while they were on the trip.  It was fun to hear the trip from the perspective of others.  I wish our whole church could have gone!

After church, the teens went out for their monthly dinner after church, and most of the parents joined them.  I love being able to fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere, where we actually have time to talk and get beyond just the "Hey!  How are you!", "I'm fine!  How are you!" exchange.

After that, we came home and the youngest princess told me that she was experiencing some pain that concerned me, so I told her that we would take her to the doctor the next day and have it checked out.

Monday, June 27 - We got up and called the doctor, and they told us to come that afternoon.  So we planned to do just that.  The Oldest Princess went off to work, and the rest of us had a normal morning here at home.

At noon, we headed to the doctor.  He seemed to think the problem was what I had thought it was, and sent us off to get a prescription.  He also told us that he would follow up with us after her lab results came back in and change things if we needed to.

Because of her size - she is small - and dosage needed, he recommended that she take the liquid form of the medicine.  It is a medicine that I have had to take on occasion, and in pill form, the pills are very large.  So we agreed, and headed out to get her prescription filled.  She had a sleep-over planned for that night and was eager for us to get finished, so that she could get to her friend's house.  We dropped the prescription off and went to get something to eat while it was being filled.  Then we went back to pick it up.  My Prince and the Youngest Princess ran in to get it.  Normally my prescription in pill form is $4.00.  Her prescription, in liquid form, of the same medicine, was $99.66!!!  Seriously?  What in the world could make there be a $95.66 difference between a pill form and a liquid form of a medicine?  I honestly do not understand!  So we paid an arm and a leg for the medicine that must contain liquid gold, and came home to give her the first dose.

Her friend's family was here shortly after we were to pick her up.  The Oldest Princess came home from work.  The rest of us spent the evening relaxing and just enjoying one another's company.  We threw out going shopping, or going to see a movie, but just staying home for the evening won out.  We rarely get to just hang out at home with nothing to do or nowhere to be, so I think we all really needed it.  It was very nice.

Until I blog again...

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